My sister's amazing Tangled party.

My sister is amazing at everything, but today we're talking about her parties.

Namely, this one.

I'm not even going to post pictures so you have to go over and see them all...because then you'll see not only the adorable invitations, but the giant yellow braid hanging out her second story window, and that same braid strewn all over the entire house until it ends up in a very awesome home-made Tangled Tower.
And you'll also see the incredible Floating Lanterns mural she painted that I want in my living room.
And the Snuggly Duckling menu, served in frying pans.
And the treasure hunt for the missing satchel.
And the frying pan shrinky dinks.
And the hidden Royal Sun paintings.
And THE CAKE!!! yup. for real.
And then I kind of cried as they all let their biodegradable yellow lanterns float into the sky.

And she's funny, too. Read it.

She has a crush on Flynn Rider. Like for real.

She makes magic for her kids. I love her.


wendy said...

HOLY SMOKES....how does she do all that. She is talented supremo.

I love love LOVE the movie Tangled. I too all the littler grandkids to see it when down for Matthew's funeral.
Emma and I bawled like a baby...when she sings the song "turn back the hands of time, bring back what once was mine"

we did

Amanda said...

That's some kind of magic!! I'm seriously in awe!

A Busy Nest said...

Yeah, the hair is over the TOP! I left a comment for her. Thanks for inspiring us with a mom's love for her princess! -Jennifer

mandi said...

Whoa! Super cool! You guys must implode with creativity when you are all together!

wendy said...

gosh, I sure made a lot of typ-o's on my comment..........

Angie said...

Um...hello? A Tangled party? Seriously? Why didn't I think of that? That's amazing.
Some serious creativity running through the genes in your family.

Sharstin said...

sounds so darling! i love everything about tangled:)