Fuzzy Valentines.


They didn't want the Valentine to say WARM,
because that word implied to much cheesy-ness.
Someone could get the wrong impression, you know
So the WARM FUZZY Valentines became just FUZZY.

They wanted blue hearts,
because boys don't like pink.
And girls are okay with blue.

The plan was to put a small message on the Valentine
that said something like "use this clip to post
warm fuzzies to your family."

no thanks. They said that was cheezy.
Again, the word warm has too many implications.

Keep it short and as mushless as possible, mom.

Jake is just dropping a fuzz in everyone's bag,
without a clip and without a note.
I asked how they're going to know who it's from?
He said he'd make an announcement.
so as to totally avoid any pleasant sentiments.









fyi. we used a glue gun, which took some serious lessons to teach the kids how to hold the fuzz on the very top so they wouldn't touch the glue...but don't let them do the eyeballs! Ouch city.


chris said...

Such a fun idea. I'll be bookmarking for next year. p.s. I heartily recommend a low temp glue gun. No burns...bad girls camp experience.

AMBER said...

Luv it I may have to steal the idea as my kids really want to make valentines for their class mates. What a fun idea!!

ShEiLa said...

those little fuzzies are cute! great idea!


ps. sorry that you are not talking about it. (re: Alice)

mandi said...

Aww Cally-
I hope your V day is WARM and fuzzy!

These are super cute!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

LOVE this. Of course. I really hate how everyone just buys Valentines and Taj's school doesn't even let them address the "to" section--just from Taj, from Taj, from Taj...so robotic and IMPersonal! We made Valentines for the grandparents, but I am going to follow my gut and make them all again next year. That's the way it should be. Nice and...fuzzy.

sara said...

These are cute!!!!

mer said...

so cute cally! love it.

CinnamonInk said...

This post made me laugh, reminds me of my students... never give someone the idea you might actually LIKE them!!! :)