I sewed.


and it felt good.

Tiffinie's having a girl, and she said she wanted
lots o baby bling, aka headbands,
so I started making headbands.

then I stopped making headbands because
they needed an outfit.
matching separates, if you will.

I had a bag and a blanket and a jumper
all designed in my head to go along
with the headbands...
but I had to stop.
because, really.
I believe in moderation.

The headbands are super easy.
Especially the one made out of a sock.
that's what I said.

Here's not so much of a tutorial:


Let me know if you're like,
"uh, that's a lame explanation",
and you actually want to make one,
and I'll give you better pictures and stuff.

I love to sew.

{it's so rainy today, so no good sunlight for photos. sorry.}
{I love rain.}


Lori said...

Hoo-ray! Cute stuff, you should go ahead and leave your machine out. She's been lonely.
P.S. Not sure if I can make it to the gym tomorrow, Afton was sick today. We'll see..

Anna said...

wohoo, glad to see you sewing. super cute.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

So cute! I love that polka dot fabric, and the color pallete rocks:)

chris said...

I haven't been able to sew yet...too much unpacking and chaos still. Clothing is darling. I'm sure the babe will be the best dressed around.

ShEiLa said...

I love to see the outcome of your creativity... love that you sew it just makes me jealous.


Donna said...

You should start a
Project Runway: Baby Edition. I'd totally watch.

mindy said...

i totally just bought that grey/black polka dot material the other day. i'm in love. and love that sock headband... i'm gonna have to attempt that

what part of the sock do you cut off firsT?

cally said...

I cut the toe and the cuff on top, just to remove the bulk of it. Then I stuck one side inside the other, just barely, and used a quick slip stitch to secure them together. You could even use your sewing machine to attach the two ends, but I wanted mine to scrunch up so I hand sewed it. Quick and easy.

These are rayon stretchie socks I got on clearance at Target. 3 pairs for $2. That's 6 headbands. awesome.

mer said...

darling. great job!

Sharstin said...

It is all gorgeous! you have such mad talent girly~

mindy said...

ooo sweet. i'm gonna have to get some!

A Busy Nest said...

You are deadly with a sewing machine!

hair accessories said...

Nice work! I totally adore that sock headband. You're SEW talented, I'm impressed. Thanks for the inspiration!