hello hermione's hair.

when did this happen?
She's beautiful.

but I'm not ready for this.

I suppose I should embrace the hair,
but it all just screams YOU'RE OLD.

Me. I'm old.

entering the unknown.

cell phone bills.
who we talkin' about?
all because Hermione cut her hair.



corrie said...

Oh I soooo love the hair. I wish I knew if I could pull that hair off or not. She is not a little girl anymore.
And neither are you.

Thirty (something) flirty and fabulous.

And that's pretty great too.

ShEiLa said...

i LOVE her short hair!

Yay for her.
and for getting old
and NO metabolism
and screaming at teens
and paying the bills for
cell phone overages...

Cause one day the teens will be old and they will be living the good life like we are right now. ;)
Then they will appreciate us.


Emma said...

You make me laugh!

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

I read she did it for a role that in the end she did not get. I like it anyway. She is a total babe and my 5 year old has the biggest crush on her!

mindy said...

aww bloody hell. she looks TOO old now. geesh. i liked her long curly hair.

amy said...

I love it but I know what you mean! I have to say though that I had this haircut, and it is very liberating and fun, for a little while.