a dress for kacie.


It feels good to make clothes for her.

Today her name is Marlo Bay Sarah Marie.
tomorrow she'll be Hannah, she says.
My name is Don Oh Lulu Mom.
for today.

I'll be sad when she grows up.


mindy said...

oh my goodness. she is SUCH a cutie. and that dress is fantastic... as well as the photography

ShEiLa said...

check out her long hair...

She is growing up... I love that she has an imagination.


ps. love the dress

chris said...

Love the simple lines of the dress and fabric...is it knit? Great job. The mind of a 4 year old is a mystery I am still trying to unravel. It's marvelous and wonderful.

Jessi said...

Beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl. You have such great taste!

corrie said...

Very cute.

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

She is the cutest thing! Love the dress!

Emma said...

What a doll!!

Anna said...

she's too cute!

mandi said...

Oh my gracious- she gets prettier every day. Love that sweet little dress.
And her names. My 4 year old likes to ask crazy questions, like "what if outside were inside?" or "what if trees grew in the sky and clouds were on the ground?". Man, I just love that. I wish my brain worked that way!

wendy said...

Great Name (tee,hee)
Love the dress and I am loving her long hair.
Guess I'll be seeing you this summer eh.
Hugs in order.