why with all that candy we had in this house can I not find a single piece?!

it's cruel.

what I'd give for a creme egg.


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Creme eggs are my favorite. Sorry.

corrie said...

check your frigerator-ator. In the garage.
Brian didn't want it all at our house.
Not much chocolate though...

I want me some creme eggs, too.

wendy said...

Barry hid some chocolate eggs for me to find easter morning.
I remember Easters at your house in Denver....YOUR MOM HAD SO MUCH CANDY TO DOLE OUT I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!

cally said...

You guys were crazy easter bunnies, wendy.
We'd lay awake and just listen to you guys snort and giggle your way in, and leave us some gas on your way out. Those were the days.

Our baskets were definitely abundant, I admit.

And bless you, Brian. I had m&m's for an afternoon snack. a couple times.

Amber said...

What's your address...I'll mail you some candy. :) We don't have the filled eggs...but we have candy that I'd prefer to not be finding in my home and would be happy to let you find in yours. :)

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Tell me about it. I didn't even purchase ANY Cadbury mini eggs this year. I purposefully avoided buying candy ahead of time so I wouldn't bulge too much pre-Easter--and then didn't get any until it was too late!


I did eat a whole bag of Reese's peanut butter eggs. But that HARDLY counts.