either Desmond is forcing Locke into a near death (totally near death) experience like he and Charlie had to snap him into remembering his true love (making his rounds you know)...but Locke doesn't have a true love to envision and link him to the island so the next option is that Desmond knows what's going on between the two universes, because he's gone into the back and forth job like the last time he was blasted with magnets and he is very aware of what's going on and is killing Lockes body in alter world so Smokie doesn't have a way to come back...somehow. If Locke REALLY dies in alter world, it will destroy the evil plan of the evil guy.

And really, I was mad at Hurley. Not checking his sources. Everyone knows the voices pre-empt Smokie. Everyone but the Hurl, supposedly. Michael, I mean Smokie used and abused the sweet man to get everyone to his camp.

So they're all together. A happy disfunctional family...with a pilot. How convenient. Now Smokie just needs Jin and he can jet home. EXCEPT, he can't get past the electro-magnetic barrier Whidmore so cleverly put up around his compound. Hmmm, you mean the same electro-magnetism that Desmond seems to love and embrace? Do ashes have some sort of magnetic powers? He doesn't like electricity, he doesn't like ashes. Does Smokie look like a bunch of super powered ashes flying around to you? But he's summoned / consumed in water. Ben called him both times in a pool. Sayid was infected in a pool.

Smokie killed Ecko because he had no fear. He liked Locke because he was always afraid. He dumped Desmond down a well because he wasn't afraid. Or because he's electric. something like that. whatever. he's alive.

Hurley picked up Jacob's ashes in the little bag when he got that look.

Poor Ilyana.

Weird Willy Wonka song. I mean really.

Sweet Penny running the bleachers. Loved that.

And seriously, where's Rose?

I'm done. that feels good. thanks for the push Kari.


chris said...

I'm so ready to get all this resolved! Thanks for the recap. You bring up points I hadn't put together before...especially that Michael is Smokie's ally.

Kristen said...

Desmond has the flight manifest, remember? So I think he is tracking everyone down on there to shock them into remembering like he and Charlie did.

I am in denial though... Desmond can't be dead. He absolutely cannot be dead. Down a well, yes. Maybe badly bruised or broken. But he cannot be dead.

I was really sad that Sun and Jin still are not together... will it ever happen??

aoliver4 said...

Now remember....John Locke (the real one, not smokey) does have a true love. Remember Helen? But she was never on the island, but neither was penny (that we know of).

Oh yeah Desmonds alive. They aren't done with him yet. Watch the creepy trailer for next week again, he's alive.

Wonder Woman said...

I think Smokie killed Echo because he was bad and showed no remorse. Locke wasn't afraid -- remember when he stared down Smokie and Smokie just left?

Don't know the connection between ashes and keeping Smokie out.

Desmond was thrown down the well that Locke was thrown down, broke his leg, then crawled toward Jack's dad/Christian and the elctro-magnetism at the bottom of the well. (Thought: Jacob's well?) Desmond must have some power that would stop Locke from leaving the island.

I don't know if Desmond was killing Locke in alter world or shocking him into remembering.

This is insanity.

Kari said...

Ditto on Desmond & Locke, but I'm leaning towards Des trying to kill him. There is some connection between the two realities, and I'm not convinced (as my husband sort of is) that they will have to get back to the island in the end. If Desmond can teach them all about love, then they can move on in this non-island life, right? Except Desmond who will stay on the island as the new Jacob.

Because he's the new Jacob. He had that look. He knows stuff. And then whole "of course I know who you are--you're John Locke" business. Des totally knows who Locke is. And that's why Locke is so completely threatened by/scared of Desmond. (Or something else like that, but completely opposite.)

But if Des has to stay on the island and make a "sacrifice" is that both Desmonds, or can he jump back and forth and carry on his new life with stadium-running adorable Penny? And if it is Desmond, why did all the plane people have to come? And why was Des never a candidate? Okay maybe that's not right. Or is it?

And who is Jack going to see that he loves? Kate? Who's Kate going to see? That's where Rose and Bernard are--in the jungle, already in love--they've seen it. So tickled that it's all about love.

And what's with the kids in the jungle that freak John out? Craig thinks it's them as children, but I'm not sure.

Can't figure out what Hurley's thinking. But he does have the ashes, so maybe he's got some idea. Hurley always surprises. And yet, there's something about Richard that always makes me want to follow him.

Never realized that the pilot was still alive--well, knew he was alive but forgot about the whole "pilot" part. That could be helpful.

Can't decide if I want them to leave the island or not.

And can't decide what, exactly Whidmore is doing there.

And really, doesn't it seem that instead of so many questions in each episode, they are dumping a barrage of answers and secrets and answers to questions I forgot I had and bringing everything together more and more, so that every week I'm just so excited to see where they're going to take it and not really believing that they can wrap it all up in only four week? So scared it will disappoint--how can they keep it all up? Genius.

Thanks for the primer, Miss Cally, and the space to download. I feel so much better now.

cally said...

you guys are good.

Christina said...

Oh, you're a genius!!!

I've been reading The Ack Attack (sooo funny) and not a single person came up with the theory that desmond was trying to kill locke in sideways world so he couldn't come back. LOVE IT!!

Oh and I had a feeling Michael was really Smokie! Silly Hugo.

I'm a little relieved Illana is gone. She was really starting to get on my nerves.

The whole Ecko thing makes sense now... ugh! I love this show!!!

What's your theory on the creepy boy that keeps showing up in the jungle? I kind of think it's Jacob.


Kari said...

There are those (candidates) that Locke can't kill. (As per the "rules" enforced by the jungle kids. Everyone else is fair game. He's going to take out those who threaten him, and use those who fear for his own purposes.

Locke would have been one that he couldn't kill (due to his candidate status) but, as a stroke of good luck, Ben killed him. (Ben, as much as he likes to think that he is manipulating others, has been manipulated by the master himself, doing all the dirty work--killing Jacob and Locke and other things I haven't tied up yet.) And now, he has the image--body, memories, strengths, and whatever else they have--of a potential candidate as his host for now.

Jacob, on the other hand, uses those who are alive to rule and lead and guide (Richard, Ben, Des) and has to depend on them choosing to lead well. (As opposed to Smokie, who takes by force--without agency--Jacob relies on the goodness in others to know what is right and do it. Ooooo. Remember when, who was it that said, right up until the moment you killed him, Jacob hoped he was wrong about you? Oooooo.)

Okay. At least in theory.

Becky said...

I haven't read the other comments, so I'm sorry if this is redundant...I thought the whispers came before The Others rather than Smokie (who was more of the snap, crackle, pop).

I thought the wheel that Locke had to turn was down a well like that...I dunno.

cally said...

oooh, you're so right Becky. Smokie is the crackle sound. So maybe Hugo is okay...

And I forgot about the well, maybe that's why Desmond doesn't die because there's electro magnet stuff down there.


the mama monster said...

i was thinking the same thing about micheal as soon as he told hurly not to let them blow up the plane. i yelled " hurly you dummy its smokie!" but then later when micheal explained the whispers i wasn't so sure that he was smokie.

desmond isn't dead, they showed him in a clip for next week. i think fake locke is just keeping him out of the way. have you noticed he doesn't respond well to not being taken seriously? dude has issues.

i'm leaning towards the theroy that the losties destiny is the island. they are going to have to come back together some how, and it begins again. maybe they will never be able to really leave the island? if they do, their lives aren't quite right. i'm not convinved that it all boils down to love. those writers are to good.

Emili said...

I also think that Hurley really saw Micheal - I don't think it was smokie. But I don't understand why Michael would say that. Shouldn't all the dead people be on the same side?

I'm torn between the 2 realities. It seems like everyone was actually happier on the island than in the alt reality - except for those who are dead. What will happen to them? I'd think they'd try to merge the realities somehow so that everyone lives, but since that seems like a good way to go, I'm guessing they won't go there. They (the writers) like to be too tricky.

I'm waiting for the explanation of the random kid (or kids?) on the island. I'm sure they'll have some elaborate story (like Richard's) to explain exactly what they are doing there. I wish the last 4 episodes were all 2 hours long, how are they going to answer everything?

And when will they go back to the whole Aaron situation?

Oh, and it never crossed my mind that Des would try to kill locke when he hit him in the car - but it makes sense. I mean, you can give people near death experiences without running them over can't you?

And does Richard ever get to die? If its all about love, does Jacob have a significant other? Doesn't seem like it.

I can't stand the anticipation! AAHHHH!

You guys are good, I enjoyed the theories.

AshleyAnn said...

I couldn't remember what was in the bag...the ashes! Thank you. I'm ready for answers, but not ready for it to end....

Elisha Trask said...

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Catherine said...

I'm actually now desperate for the series to finish as my brain hurts at the end of each episode as just when I think i've got my mind round what's going on something happens to prove me wrong. I'm sure I've aged watching this series.

Emili said...

Cally! Where's this weeks list of amazing things we all missed? You only have 3 more chances to share with us before we all (hopefully) know EVERYTHING! Quick, I need your insight!

He couldn't have killed Des - right? He has to be hiding something up his sleeve. Or does it matter - won't he just go through life again or something and avoid it?