Rose is still camping out somewhere.

Don't read on if:

1. You didn't watch.
2. You're slow to jump on the bandwagon.
3. You're only up to season 3 on Netflix.
4. You're confused easily.
5. You make clicking noises when you move and you take over dead people's bodies. In that case, we don't like you.

Okay. Here we go.

So, they can't die. And they can't kill eachother. We know Jacob touched each of them one time in their life {Sawyer: handed him a pen at his parents funeral. Kate: when he got her out of trouble shoplifting. Jack: handing him the candy out of the machine at the hospital. Locke: when he was pushed out the window. Sun & Jin: at their wedding. Said: I can't remember. And Hurley: in the taxi?} and so they can't kill themselves or eachother. And they won't age like mascara man.

Remember when Ben found Whitmore in his hotel room and they said they couldn't kill eachother? Yup. And Michael couldn't die...until he was allowed to go. Meaning he fulfilled his duty to the island.

the Alter Life thing is obviously becoming a parallel to what has happened on the island...or a manifestation of what they really want. Ben...power. At least he thought he wanted power but he really wanted Alex to be happy. Jack...a father relationship. Claire...her baby. Kate...keeping Claire and Aaron together. Said...Nadia. And Said went bad in the temple the same time he killed the mafia guy in the kitchen. And Jin was hostage in both worlds. So whatever. There are parallels, we're just not sure why or how.

And did Eloise and Charles get kicked off the island because they were becoming friends with smokie? Eloise did send everyone back to the island, with Locke's body. And Charles helped Locke try to get everyone back to the island. And he's in a submarine possibly rescuing smokie?

Here's a big one. Conan read this online...that Jacob and Smokie are really the same person. Just the good and bad side of the island...one entity. Maybe they're not really people at all. They just represent the good and evil inside the candidates, or everyone on the island. Who will each person choose to follow? Maybe this is all one big island simile for life that means nothing and the last 6 years of my life will be wasted watching a metaphoric media phenomenon.

And Richard was a prisoner on the Black Rock, where he met Smokie.

And Desmond's coming.

And why can't they have babies? It seems like they could before the bomb went off. Miles was a baby on the island, right? So maybe they can't after the bomb went off because it's not real life anymore. The alter life is real life and the island is just...a metaphor.


Remember Charlie "remembered/knew" the code for the computer in the underwater place? Hmm.

And how did Ben summon Smokie with water when he wanted him to kill the soldiers and judge him. The water was murky, which is what infected Said. And the water that saved little Ben was clear. Water. It's meaningful.

There. I can let it go now; until Tuesday.


Christina said...

Mascara man!! HA!

I love/hate that show.

So when are the questions going to be answered? I always have at least a dozen more after each episode...

traskrocks said...

Didn't watch.
But glad you liked the stuff I sent. Your the greatest!!

Kari said...

Wait--I didn't think he actually, physically touched them all. I read this one somewhere (and have promised myself that I will go back and watch that recent episode where they did the little flashbacks of each meeting with Jacob so I can see--do you remember which episode it was) but I believe that he only touched Hurley. The rest he gave them something, but didn't touch them. And when Richard said, "when he touches you, it's a gift" I didn't take that to mean that it's the same gift. Hurley's "gift" is that he can see dead people--Richard's is immortality.

So going to have to think about that a bit more. You're right about Michael, and Bed and Whidmore . . . must think.

Richard was a prisoner on the Black Rock--that's why Locke said it was good to see him out of those chains. He's been there for 100s of years. But I'm still stewing over how he then told everyone he was very disapointed in him.

And that Jacob didn't want to die, and hoped he was wrong about Ben right up until the end.

And how did that work with Ben and his father having come to the island and then leaving . . . why did they leave and when did the alternate version begin.

And is Jack now a man of faith? Will he stop brooding and being wishy-washy?

And will Sawyer return, because there has been a terrible lack of Sawyerness this season.

I thought Jacob was trying to help Des come the island, but now I'm wondering if it was Whidmore.

And I like Ben more now--is that strange?

Wonder Woman said...

Superman and I started watching a few weeks ago and we're only 2 episodes behind. So I'm almost qualified to weigh-in on all this.

You know that like everything on the island has roots in ancient Egyptian mythology, right? An island that moves, people that don't age, goddess of fertility, black smoke weighing people's hearts......all kinds of things. So there's that.

Jacob definitely touched the people. With Sayid it was when Nadia died. And he brought Locke back to life, almost.

That's all for now. There's so much to think about, and I'm not all caught up. For some reason I think that will matter, when I know in reality I'll just have more questions.

the mama monster said...

i seriously like your summaries...alot! they are the best.
what about the whole ben might not be super creep of the universe? i maybe even felt sorry for him. and how in the world are they going to tie this up in 10 more episodes when there are more and more questions each week? if jacob and smokey are one person how could they have been chatting on the beach on the season premiere? so confused.

ShEiLa said...

I answered yes to four of the five questions and skipped the post... but just thought I would say Hello anyways.


cally said...

Oooh, good one Kari. Maybe he didn't actually "touch" them. And maybe you can help out on this Alyssa...didn't Sayid just see Jacob when Nadia died, or did Jacob talk to him/touch him?

And maybe Ben and his dad left after Ben was shot and when they were evacuating the island right before the bomb went off. And so they continue in alter world with everyone else. Remember when the temple guy said Jacob said he can bring his boy back to life if he came to the temple, and could never see his son again? Well, his son is alive {and playing piano with Jack's boy, who mamma monster pointed out recently may possibly have been married to Juliet. hmmm} and with his dad, but he doesn't know it because he's in two places at once...alter world and the island. Now he's dead, but still alive, attending recitals with his son who's not dead.

AND...just an observation...they made kind of a deal about the oxygen Ben gave his dad. Maybe it was just a parallel to how Ben was keeping his dad alive with oxygen in alter world but actually killed his dad with gas on the island. A contrast and similarity between the good and evil in Ben.

hmmm. again.

Renee said...


I don't remember if Jacob actually touched all of them, and that's interesting... is immortality always the gift, or does each of them possess something different?

I too am liking Ben more and more against my will, but when I think about poor John. Hmmmm. Why did Ben kill John after saving his life? AND, I can't remember, did Jacob visit John and touch/give him something as well prior to them crashing?

So many questions, not enough answers. We could go on and on.

Lori said...

Jacob 100% for sure literally touched them all (Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Jin and Sun, Locke, am I forgetting anyone?). I don't think he ever touched Ben though (at least we never saw that, and given the whole big deal about Ben being full of angst that Jacob didn't care about him, he'd never been allowed to meet/see him etc, I doubt that ever happened). They may still be able to kill each other though...just not themselves. The dynamite fuse died out because Jack lit it and stayed there, so he would have been killing himself which he can't.
Sayid and Nadia were about to cross the street together when Jacob touched Sayid's arm to stop him to ask directions. Nadia went ahead and that's when she got hit by the car.
I don't think every episode since the bomb has had big parallels between the two realities (Ben's and Sayid's for sure, but not really Jack's or Kate's or Locke's of course--since he's dead). My big question is why is everything about everyone's lives back in LA is so different after *not* crashing than it was from what we saw before they got on the flight. Whole new pasts?
I said to Scott just last night that I wondered if Jacob/Smoky were the yin and yang of the same being and he said I was crazy, ha! (maybe that's why they couldn't kill each other??)
And Ben! Holy cow. He was such a sad/humble character this episode. I started to feel sorry for him too until Scott said, "Yeah, one good deed makes up for everything he's ever done." So many seasons of the most deceitful, diabolical, heartless treachery! He'll have to work a lot harder to win my favor.
You'll be at the gym tomorrow, right?

cally said...

good stuff Lori. But why can't Ben and Charles kill eachother? maybe Jacob touched Ben when he was little and he doesn't know it. None of the others know or remember Jacob touching them?

That wall had TONS of names on them. All candidates I guess. So Jacob has brought tons of people to the island for hundreds of years and they've failed. If Smokie just had to get someone else to kill Jacob, why did it take so long? Did it have to be Ben?

Yeah, I'll be at the gym. I ran twice around the track without stopping Tuesday. We'll go for three. AND I almost made it through Body pump without whining; until the overhead mumbo jumbo. She can't possibly expect me to raise those weights that high over my head after 10 million too many tricep things. duh lady.

corrie said...

Twice around the track? Awesome.

TheFamousStacie said...

Locke DID die. He was killed by Ben, yet he was touched by Jacob before that.

It's deep, sooooo deep

cupcake studio said...

Yep, I would be #4 this season...

Donna said...

ewww body pump! I hated that class.