Miss E. Designs

I love Elisha's shop, Miss E. Designs.
Her drawings are adorable.
Someone I know should get married soon so I can buy the bridal shower invitations.


Jessi said...

I just browsed through her shop and she has stolen my heart. Everything is so perfect! Too bad I'm broke right now. :(

(I'm Natalie's friend, BTW.)

ShEiLa said...


do you wanna throw my daughter Yvette a bridal shower? She is getting married in May. ;) I know... we live too far apart.


ShEiLa said...

ps. not cute...
very adorable.
I love them.

wendy said...

Um, I don't think I want to get married again --thanks.

Love all the different chairs at your kitchen table.

love your moms tats --I have a few myself, but not in frames

Elisha Trask said...

ahh.... gee thanks. I think I may have blushed a little.

L. OL. said...

SOOOO cute!!! I love them!!! Someday when I get married you can throw me a bridal shower with those, but it will be a while... ;o)