jill's. she's having a baby.







These changing pads are easy guys. Just make a tiny quilt {one layer of batting between two pieces of fabric cut big enough for their little heads and bottoms to fit} then fold it up. I fold it in half 3 times. Then use your iron and press down your creases where you've folded it. You can {but don't have to} sew a line down those creases to make it more obvious.

Then wrap your diaper strap around the folded up changing pad and pin it down on the back. Open up the changing pad and sew your strap down {a little bit}. If you make your strap big enough you can tuck your diapers and wipes in here too.


Let me know if you have questions. I didn't make this a full tutorial, sorry, but brief explanations of fortuitous crafting will sometimes suffice. I made a diaper strap to put in Jill's bag, and then made a changing pad that I was going to add just a little velcro closure to but I ran out of velcro. So I wrapped it in the diaper strap and I love it even more. See? fortuitous. Happens all the time.

did you know that mac's have a little dictionary application at the bottom of my screen I can just click on and have instant definitions? like fortuitous. all my dreams have come true.
I'm going to invent a cliche application...but someone else will have to write it, because my six to one half dozen of the copper kettles under the haystacks in the horses mouths don't always make it out of my face appropriately. Hence, the need for the cool application I'm going to request. Then all my dreams will come true for real.

I'm easily pleased.

see ya later, crocodile.
just kidding. I meant mater.
I know that one.

just kidding, that's not a cliche, it's just a rhyme.
so don't put it in the application you're writing.
apples and oranges.



Anna said...

that is way cool. What a great gift! I love your style. I love that alexander henry fabric (i've been eyeing it up wondering what to make with it). Anway, this is super great!

Emma said...

Your a supper star!!!! I miss you

Canada this year?????

I don't know my copilote moved away.

Wonder Woman said...

Cute bag, Callie. I'm in the process of making a crib skirt and curtains for baby's room, and I'm scared to death since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. But I'm nesting like crazy and am just gonna go for it. How hard can they be?!

the mama monster said...

you are funny, i like you. so this is a great gift idea for my pregnant sister and friend. i have one question though and i am really truly wondering how you get things done with kids. i have three ( 4 and under) and i feel like there is no time left to sew anymore. advice?

Jessica said...

So I'm not really commenting on this post, just your blog in general. I love it! While going back through the archives and couldn't stop laughing. You are real, and it's nice. My husband and I have not yet made the child beaing plunge yet, but when we do I hope that I can see it with as much wisdon and humor as you do. (Also props for the Mario Kart Wii and the Lost references!)

Lori said...

I love those colors. And seriously, you must create time out of thin air. How is it that your ducks are always all in a row? You must really make yourself toe the line. Talents. Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

ShEiLa said...

love it Cally... very cute.


cally said...

Lori, your duck and toes and horses mouths are discombobulating me.

Jill Ison said...

I love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh yippee!! You used your serger on the little ruffle - way to go!! -shairee

mandi said...

oh cute- cute. i like this one lots. that fabric is great- kinda feed bag.

i'm looking everywhere for my dictionary app. do you have to buy that, special?

i'm the same way with cliches. i say stuff like "put your elbow to the grindstone" all the time. john doesn't even try to correct me anymore. he knows...

mandi said...

hey- i addressed your cheese dilemma in my comments. i then realized that i should have just emailed you. sorry about that!

Unknown said...

This is my favorite bag yet. I decided the other day that my fav colors are red, yellow, and blue. Are you sure I can't have this bag? They are my favorite colors?

I would want the red button somewhere.

And seriously Anna knows the name of the fabric designer?

Who are these people?

Are there more of you in this world?


Unknown said...

You did use a red button. but not THAT red button. I won't tell Jill you are holding out.

mary grace said...

I am 150% in LOVE with that bag that matches the other accessories. any chance of a tutorial on how to make that?!? :) i have a friend who's 4 months pregnant and i would LOVE to give her one of those :)