Conan brined our turkey. And other non essential information:

I have no pictures from Christmas, or any other such recent event, in which I will explain later. And so, since I cannot in good conscience begin a new decade with a picture-less post, I am sharing this.
I call it: Children with Oreo Shakes and a Green Gun.


Let's try to keep them in proper perspective in the New Year, is my wish.
Shakes, good. Plastic guns, okay as long as they're not pointed at your sisters face in close proximity.

Okay, here's my holiday update:

  • Popular to contrary belief, I am alive and will blog.
  • My omentum got 2 brand new sparkling inches for Christmas. Lovely. But as it should be.
  • I didn't finish or come close to even starting the Barbie clothes for Kacie's lovely box of 10 used "mommies and daddies" from ebay. So Ken has a wedgie and the red hair mommy Barbie shows too much leg. But oh well. They're naked now anyways; and will probably stay unclothed for another decade. I'm letting go of this project.
  • My new fancy pants camera was stolen. Yup. That's right. Ripped from my very being; and I cried my fancy pants off. Alone, mind you, because it would be embarrassing for anyone to see my crying crocodile tears over a camera with no pants. Just kidding. Here's the story: We went to my sister's house in Alabama, and as I was getting out of the van one afternoon I glanced at my personal belongings {aka purse and camera} and thought "I should take those inside." And the other me thought "No, the kids will just get into it. Leave it here." And the other me thought "Then you should lock the door for sure." And the smart me that has no brain thought "Yeah, do that." And I didn't. So the next morning my sister comes in the house saying she found my purse dumped out in the woods, and the camera loving me thought "My camera!" So I ran to the van, and yup, it was gone. They didn't take anything from my purse, they just dumped it out so as to appear to be looking for something other than a fancy pants camera. I would much rather have them take my Tide Stain Be Gone pen, or the ever valuable princess PullUp. I say they because I'm pretty sure it was a band of wild somethings. Creeps.
  • I learned how to make creme brulee and ate it twice. Hence, two inches on the omentum. My sister learned to make it while in Paris, so it was French custard. I bought 8 ramekins at Ross today so I can make it. I just need a torch. Because you torch the top, you know. very French.
  • The boys got guns for Christmas. nerf. green.
  • Conan brined our turkey. He stuck it in a bucket of salty broth and crystalized ginger overnight, and it was so good. He is now the turkey master.
  • I got Conan the soundtrack to West Side Story for his stocking because I knew he'd love it oh so much. Turns out he didn't, so he gave it to me. So generous of him. He got me brie (the fancy cheese) because I love fancy cheese, and some vintage tupperware canisters, and itunes cards. And the books I posted below. He's a smart clicker.
  • Last but not least, I'm a mac now. And so that's where I've been. Drowning in the pc to macbook transition realm of how the heck do I right click this thing? I'm so excited to garage band. Power to the iLife.
Happy 2010.


Anna said...

glad you're back to blogging! I love creme brulee. I was going to make it tomorrow for my husband, it's been too long since I've had any. yummmmmmmy

mandi said...

hooray! you're back! and hooray for garage band!

boo for stolen camera...i can't believe that. so sad! i would be crying my fancy pants off too, trust me...

cupcake studio said...

Oh man, bummer about the camera. Brined turkey sounds so good!
Happy New Year!

Natalie said...

I'm so glad I can picture exactly where you are now! xoxoxo
(Boo to the wild thugs in Alabama. They'll get theirs.)

corrie said...

Our neighbor got some videoage of the hooligans as well as their backpack leaf blower stolen, so hopefully justice will be served.


Jennifer Dawn said...

Glad you are back. I can relate on the camera. I lost mine this year or should I say last year with pictures of Lydia Grace. Mine was stolen from my classroom. :(

You'll have to tell us all how to make creme brulee. I've always wanted to learn to make that.

BTW...thanks for the teacher gift. I've already thanked Dani. In fact I squealed (yes, squealed) with delight and hugged her.

L. OL. said...

evil camera stealers!!! :o(

and welcome to the mac world... ctrl and then click = "right click" ;o) unless you get a normal mouse instead of using a mac mouse.
aside from that, just about everything that you do with ctrl on a pc will be done with command (or the apple button) on a mac.

Emma said...

I am so happy your back.

I am so sad about your camera

I am so happy that you gained some weight.

I am so sad because I miss you.

I am so happy that my new shirt fits and I love it and Gracelyn looked so cute in her new outfit and we wore both our new dig on New Years and I got so many compliments!!

I love you thank you!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I am so sad for you and your camera. SO SAD. I got Taj a camera for Christmas and he's real generous. I'll send it over if it can help ease your pain. But beware. The battery life may make you rather not have it at all!

Angie said...

A stolen camera is close to the saddest thing I've heard of.

ShEiLa said...

I would have cried and probably after that I would have gotten real mad too. I can't believe your camera went bye-bye with a real jerk. (do you think if we insult him BIG time he will give it back?) yeah, I didn't think so either.


andrea said...

Don't you hate it when you don't listen and it turns out that you most definitely should have. LAME!

You will love your mac! hooray!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sad about your camera. What did you get? Did it have pictures on it. I am mourning with you. Mine was stolen last year from the porch after UPS delivered it...but Costco refunded the money after disputing with UPS. Anyway, what shipping company leaves nearly $1000 worth of camera stuff on a lit porch on Thanksgiving weekend???!!! Anyway, I hope something works out and you get it back! Love you!

Sharstin said...

that is so sad that your camera got stolen! I would cry too!! yay about your new mac though! Happy New Year!

Donna said...

Macs Rock!

wendy said...

Oh No, not your camera. Why oh why didn't they take the Tide erase pen.

you gaining weight would be like a humming bird getting tall/long. Just ain't going to happen, or be that noticeable.

Emma surely did love the cloths you made and sent her. LOVED IT.

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

OOOO theft! I had the exact same experience with my i.pod. I know it is no where near a camera but I thought 'you should take that inside' and ignored it and the next morning gone. Stealing is not cool. Ya hear that punks that steal? Anyway hope you like the mac I am waiting for that big transition- I hear it is like a whole new religion or something.

cally said...

Heather...it was a Canon PowerShot SX20IS. Not top of the line, but fancy pants. Meaning expensive. So I downgraded to a Canon Elf. I like it, but I was so excited to work my way up to the BIG CAHUNA kind of camera that you have to go to college to learn how to use. Now I'm starting at the bottom again. BooHoo. And it did have all my Christmas pictures on it; including the SO cute nativity in which Joey sang the whole Glory to God song standing on the chair with his arms out and tinsel on his head. Double BooHoo.

Katina Angola said...

Too bad about your camara. Having been robbed about 6 times in my life (Foriegn countries) I can totally relate. But the worst they got was the only copy of Johnny LIngo in the mission and my Book of MOrmon.

Danielle Spangler said...

Hey! So sorry about the camera, but did you know that your home owners policy covers items stolen out of your car? Remember when my purse was stolen from the running track there in Knoxville? My insurance reimbursed me a total of $2500 for what was stolen out of my purse/car. Check into it for sure!! Did you call police? It is always better if you have a police #/incident report. Good Luck!

Wonder Woman said...

I would be SO MAD if my camera was stolen! And I was just about to ask if you'd talked to your homeowner's insurance about it. Can't hurt.

I am LoW said...

Glad you are back, sorry about the camera. I really don't like theives!!

I've got lotsa ramekins a while ago to make creme brule (YUM!) but no torch also. And now I can't find a kitchen torch. My husband has one in the garage that I've been wondering about though.....