i love buttercream frosting.


It's late. I should be sleeping. or finishing the placemats I designed in my head last night while I should have been sleeping. Or I should be prepping the sweet potatoes, or reading Food Network because I'm scared of cooking a turkey by myself. I dunno. Just stick the bird in the oven, right? Somehow it seems all too horribly simple.

I should be sleeping.

I keep the dictionary by my bed, because I like words. And I hate them; they make me nervous. So I study their meanings, their histories, their variances, their inferences, and instead of sleeping I practice speaking intelligently in my head. I pretend I'm having a really smart conversation. And then I fall asleep, because being smart is exhausting.

I feel distracted tonight by the word love. So I came to type fast about it {I like typing fast}.

It's a good strong word; I think the best ever actually. You don't have to be really smart to know that one. I love love.

I've pondered, analyzed, scrutinized, studied, and consumed that word. I want to plaster it on every wall. It's lovely.

It has more depth of meaning than I could ever conceive from a dictionary or written description. No picture painted or language spoken can lend pure comprehension to the point of mastery; love is divine. It was in the shortbread cookies with buttercream frosting this afternoon. And in the wiping and sweeping; in the time outs and tantrums; in the trying and crying. It's in me, not the dictionary.

And as I tried to tend to the tasks of the evening, aka sleep, I was distracted.

I love.

And I'm grateful.

{LaLa Love You by SparklePower}


Wonder Woman said...

this post.

good luck with turkey. I think all it needs is love.

wendy said...

Oh that was nice
especially the part that Love is in you, not in the dictionary

I LOVE you

mandi said...

oh cally-
such a lovely post.

i have a quote on my fridge from kahlil gibran
"work is love made visible"
and as a mommy- that is so true. like you said- in the sweeping, the wiping, the cooking, the folding...all of those daily things that whisper love.

Katina Angola said...

This was a great post!

Angie said...

Is it just me, or did you change the title to this post?
Seems like it was different the first time I read it...and didn't have anything to do with frosting.
Either way, on this day after Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for such a lovely post.
It's so so true.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Cally. I LOVE you!

cally said...

Why yes. yes I did, Angie. While I do love love, buttercream frosting reigns supreme.

I am LoW said...

I love love too. I have a painting over my bed that reads 'love love'. And it's kind of a joke between my husband and I. He says, "oh, so-and-so just loves love." And then I argue that what's not to love about love? I love love too. Etc...

Donna said...

What is the paint color on the wall? I LOVE that!

Emili said...

Umm, I find myself wishing for your buttercream frosting recipe. I have a simple one that's butter and sugar with a tiny bit of milk, is that what you do too?

cally said...

Donna...it's Bungalow Gold by Eddie Bauer at Lowes. However, I took the sample chip to Ace Hardware and had it matched using Benjamin Moore paint. It's a good one.

Emma said...

I love you!!!