10 points for delicious. The champion.

{almost} Every night, Joey and Andy argue over who gets to be the taste tester for dinner.

The job of the tester entails taking tiny bites, or sips, of each item offered on their plate (even their no-thank you portions) before the actual eating ensues, and gives it a number which they somehow magically mathematically generate into a final score. And there is born the point system.

Here's my formula for a perfect 10.

Rule #1. Keep it simple. Make the making the fun part. Complication is stress and usually results in a low score for a bad attitude.

Rule #2. Put all projects and addicting magazines aside and listen to some inspiring Oh Love on the pod. I'm not a country girl, usually, but for this you mush love the Oh Love. Because you love making dinner.

Rule #3. Make it little. Little is good.

Little Pizzas:
Spread some Arnold Select Multi-Grain Sandwich Thin halves (at Sam's Club) with pizza, spagetti, or alfredo sauce and top with veggies and cheese, a little mozzarella and Lots of freshly grated parmesan cheese (none of this fake chalky cheese in a shaker mumbo jumbo. That's for toddlers), fresh herbs, and a little garlic salt. Yum-o.

Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

Rule #4. Must have yummy drink. Because.

Caramel Milkshakes:
In blender...vanilla ice cream, a little ice, 2 scoops of brown sugar, and some caramel ice cream topping. We're going for a 10-er here, not nutrition. Keep your eye on the prize.

Rule #5. Apple bars.

Thank you Meg Duerksen. Thank you.

Now sing a sweet victory tune, as you clean it all up.


corrie said...

or you could just make tacos. ten's are easy to come by when you know your audience. and if you're happy for a few more years of culinary snoozer on your taste buds. Brian and I have such food plans for our empty nester years. Oh the places we'll go...

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I agree with you on the parmesan, 100%. Just wish I could get my husband on that train.

mandi said...

yes- i love tiny pizzas! i use the food for life 'ezekiel' english muffins. so delicious!

oh- hey- we have that bird plate!

Yo Mama said...

When can we come and be the taste testers????????

Mom and Katie

Emma said...

I want the recipe for the apple bars please!!!

ShEiLa said...

I need to make me some little pizzas they look delicious!!!


beazer1812@comcast.net said...

Cute idea --you are brilliant, as usual
Invite me over for dinner and I'll be your taste tester

wendy said...

Ah, that was me, comment just above