Looky, I'm in Spanish.

Gracias, Cris.


Somebody Loved said...


I clicked the first link to see what you were talking about... little did I know that it should have been the second link.

Mistakes can be so beneficial.

I absolutely LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. the photos on this site. Also my niece janae went to Spain last summer and she is gonna love this site... I will pass it along.

Now for the congrats to YOU and your amazing matching game artwork.
I am glad that you were blessed with so much creative talent... just wish I had a bit more.


cupcake studio said...

How cool is that!?

What the Hecklinger?! said...

Way to get all international!

Crystal Copeland said...

Wow! You are amazing!

crisnoa said...

Hi Cally, it's Cris here, thanks again for letting us show your great idea for this matching game artwork.
I'll keep on coming back to your blog for excellent ideas.