happy birthday cherstin.


Emily said...

This didnt go throught the first time.
I need Cherstin's email ASAP!!! mine is emilyreplogle2004@yahoo.com
you might get this messgae twice, but I shall email you at your email too!
Lovin you!

ShEiLa said...

Love this bag!
I love all of em though.

Did you get the name wrong?
I am Sheila! (wink-wink) ;)

just jealousy here.


Wonder Woman said...


Katy Beth said...

Lovely, as always! I can't wait to see mine! Eek!!
Sorry, I got a little excited.
It happens.

Natalie said...

oooo, me likey.
And happy bday to you too, chica.

Cherstin said...

OH, OH, OH, OH!!!!!! I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world!!!!!!! I love it!! In fact I think it's better then I imagined. Thank you! Thank you so much. Aahh.........My Birthday is complete.

Nana/Mom said...

love it, love it, love it....my bday is 9/3 lol

The Birds said...

Hi! You have NO idea who I am, but you've made a couple of things for my friend's (Sarah Wright) daughter that I am absolutely in LOVE with. You sent her a little skirt and top. I know you said your shop is closed, but I have been looking for some little halter dresses for my two girls to have their pictures taken in and have been so disgusted at how plain and uninteresting everything is. I didn't know if you would be at all interested in turning one of these incredible bags into a dress or two? And if you were, how much you'd charge. Anyway, my name is Chandi Bird and my email address is
If you wouldn't mind just emailing me and letting me know, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!