watching history.

I invited (without options) the kids to watch the Inauguration with me today.

Joey kept asking where Hulk was.

Andy gave me a token comment, "Yeah mom. The guy's got a good job." Then he disappeared.

Dani braided my hair.

Jake stood on his head. Most of the time.

Kacie slept.

And now we have a new Mr. President.

I watched my kids watch.
And thought about how Dani may be 18 when we watch this again.
And thought about change.
And thought about Abraham Lincoln's bible, and Joey's new underwear, and Jake's excitement when he saw Oprah.
And thought about Sasha having sleepovers.

And about how tomorrow, today will be history.

So I better watch.


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

You got farther than I did--both with the kids and myself. I caught a glimpse of them driving this morning, and then again, when the President was actually speaking, post-Wii-games with Taj. I told him we had a new president. And that was him. And then it was lunchtime and naptime and quiet time and it was all over when I checked in again. I can't believe you have 5 kids and you even had the foresite to take a picture! :)

corrie said...

You had the kiddos home again today?
I watched it with Erin and baby Eden. Erin was upstairs trying to find another game to play and I yelled up for her to come see our new President and she came crying and said "I don't want to I just want another game now!" So...
But he did give a great speech.

Becky said...

I wish I could've watched. I was sitting in class...of course. Because I have no other life and nothing else happens outside of it...except for HISTORY.

La Memster said...

lol... that's great. I had econ class... but he stopped abt 11:55 so we could watch the swearing in & I stayed for the speech since I had forgot my lunch in my room & had a 45 min. break til my next class.... All I can say is... we'll see. & History has been made. That's for sure!

cally said...

Snow day!

it was a good speech, wasn't it.

ShEiLa said...

When historical events take place you always think... where was I at the moment that happened?

You will know and so will your children.

Me? I was on my sofa in my jammies watching history while nice and warm in the comfort of my home.


ps. great speech. Our new President is a wonderful speaker. I am so grateful!

Wonder Woman said...

Love the photo. I'm kinda sad that Letterman's "moments in presidential speeches" isn't going to be funny anymore. ;)

Change is a'comin'.

wendy said...

Good for you to "invite" your kids to watch. Important to be a part of it. I just want PEACE IN THE LAND (TEE,HEE)