potty confessions.

Joey's potty training this week, and I'm so happy. Not only because buying 1/2 the amount of diapers each month means more money left over for fancy peanut butter, but because my mom's here. So...so happy.

Oh, you say, so sweet. She loves her mom so much. And I do...oh I do...and I love baking bread and talking shop with my mom...but my jubilation is utterly selfish. Completely.


My mom is the ultimate Potty Trainer. And I have taken advantage.

Confession: I have only trained one of my 5 children. Dani. Jake did it himself, for the most part. My mom trained Andy 3 years ago. I had nothing to do with it. And now, while she's been emptying the portable plastic potty for the last 2 days for my 4th born, I've been...uh...I hesitate to say...shopping.

I know. Brat.

Here is where I lose all credibility and no longer relate to my loyal and loving blog readers because now I have admitted my spoiled rotten-ness. Yes, indeed, I spent a complete 3 hours ALONE at Marshalls and Old Navy finding deal upon deal and resisting impulse buys, while my sweet and so generous mother whom I love so much was at home teaching my child how to pee in a pot.

It's kinda like when Kate + her 8 gets the free trip to the penguin farm and you're like "uh, this isn't real life. Whatever." Or when you love a blog because the author is so much like you and then she talks about her appearance on Martha. But you still love her, you just know there's no longer a chance she'll be your bff someday. Or when the lady at church says she's so tired because she only got 8 hours of sleep last night and your sleep-deprived self is like "I hate you."

Don't worry guys. I don't sleep much. I still work hard and suffer with you in all other areas of yuckiness. I wipe the noses, the dirty bums, the unidentified stickiness.

But yet, it's true. I did shop.

A little guilt. I got a pair of Levis for $15.

Thanks mom. You're the best. I love you.


Natalie said...

potty training was not a strong point of mine. but i take no blame cuz there are bladder issues around this house.
i miss my mommy.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

What?! So not fair! And I love your mom. Tell her that. Tell her I adore her. Tell her that I'll make her sweet treats and rub her feet...when she comes to Utah and trains Brody to do more than sit on the pot and smile. :)

Seriously, though, HURRAY for you! And hurray for shopping. Alone. Which, really, is the only way it should ever be done to achieve satisfaction. And $15 jeans. :)

Emily said...

Do not worry, my mom does that for us, a lot... like every other week.
Granted most of the time I go and get the groceries or go to the post office and do some business mailing.
But every now and then I fall face first into Target, Old Navy and then somehow TJ Maxx...
Even if I come home empty handed (not usually, the kids stuff seems to ALWAYS be on sale!) I get a nice dose of sanity and you know that is worth a MILLION!!!
No judgement here!!! Potty training, that is impressive, seeing that it took me like SEVEN months to get Hannah hooked.

I am going to call my mom!
Love to you,

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Well. It's official. I'm jealous. Though I have been lucky and potty trained both my boys in just a couple days. Still, I'm jealous, cuz that was a crazy couple days!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, how I HATE potty training!!!

Oh, how I LOVE your mom!!! I'm still finding out some of the sneaky things she and my mom did at girl's camps and YCs. Give her a big, sloppy moochie for me!

ShEiLa said...

Mother's are wonderful creatures.

Enjoy. If Mom is great at PT. Then there is no reason why you cannot benefit.

$15? wow!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I am not the only Grandma who falls asleep on the couch with a grandchild on my lap. Good to see you Grandma Jackie! Cally I know you were laughing when you took this picture.

wendy said...

don't kid yourself -- Jackee loves it. She love to mother, she loves to be a good grandma and she loves potty cleaning. (well that may be taking it a little far.) Say hi to my sis for me. HI JACKEE. and go do more shopping Cally

Wonder Woman said...

Totally jealous. I see my momma twice a year.

And it's about time to potty train #2. I am NOT looking forward to it.

But I still think we have BFF potential. I'm sleep-deprived, myself.

julie said...

I have never been so jealous of another mom. Potty training is my least favorite thing about motherhood. I have no patients, which you need. You are sooooo lucky.

cally said...

I am sooo grateful, too.

REally. So grateful, I explode.

My mom is cool, eh?

Emma said...

So when can I book your mom to come to my house for my little ones big day on the toilet?

D-lyn said...

Hurray someone who is doing what I have longed for. I really want to have a Potty Training personal trainer come and train my kids for me!
Is your mom for hire ;D
Or send my little one to Potty Training PooP Camp and have her come home potty trained!
I am so envious!

mandi said...


oh man- that pic is so funny! your poor mama, all tuckered out!

{dawn} said...

How sweet! Lucky girl!