i've learned this lesson before.

don't leave popcorn unattended.


and...don't leave bonnie or clyde unattended.


both life lessons are important to remember. again.


Mia said...

Who, those two?!?! Never ;)

AMBER said...

Wow those two are double trouble but OH MY HECK THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!I just want to bite 'em But I won't cause biting is bad and it hurts. So I will just pretend bit'em from a far cause!!!

Natalie said...

Ah, yes. I've learned that lesson too. Learning it and constantly enforcing it are two different things though.
Bonnie and Clyde are so dang cute.

(and I will forgive you again- although I did consider coming to your lovely state with nary a phone call in your direction...but that would just be silly!)

ShEiLa said...

WE didn't do it.
Do WE look like the kind of kids that would do something like that when your back was turned?

That photo is extra cute.
Double trouble.
for sure.
little rascals.


Anonymous said...

Those two couldn't have done any such thing! They are THE most adorable babies I have seen in a long time! I remeber those days. Just think two girls born a year apart and finding trouble just for the fun of it. That was the adventure I had when my babies were toddlin' around

Anonymous said...

I have one two yr old terror disaster master in the house. Can't leave him alone for a second!☺

Anonymous said...

Your boy looks pleased with himself and the your girl looks a bit regretful. Oh, but what innocent fun they had! Those are the times when it's tough not to laugh. I hope they helped you to clean it up. I've learned similar lessons with crayons, pencils, etc. Some call it art, I call it a mess!

L. OL. said...

ha ha Joey is such a monster... :o) well, they both are, but I love his face.

wendy said...

Ah the look of innocence and the power to deceive.

cally said...

So here's what we did.

I wiped the goofy smile off my face quick before they could notice. Joey was ever so hilariously full of himself over this...he's so pleased to finally have a follower.

Then they sat on stools for 35 minutes until they decided to clean it up. It only took 40 minutes to sweep, coerce, & sweep again, and again. Pretty good.

Today it was chapstick.

Emma said...

Oh i love it when they get the cap stick! not
olivia loves my lipstick not the gloss but the mommys going out with dad red lipstick! so pretty on a 4 year old. not.

Emma said...

oh ya, I love caseys shirt my girls still wear them and it makes me a little Beazer sick! IF you know what I mean.

Emma said...
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