holiday hangover.

Today was spent unpacking, snacking, wiping, boxing, hanging, washing, wiping, sweeping, sleeping, picniking, and more wiping. Not leaving nearly enough time to spend with my welcome back to blogLand post, blogging about Christmas bloggy stuff. YOu know, cute pictures of kids in new pajamas ripping off fancy wrap, the menu for our Christmas morning feast and a half, what I got, what they got, what we'll be returning...you know, the uje.

It's dangerously close to dinner time to start deep descriptions; and I'm oh so sarcastically anxious to finish off my day with some cooking, sweeping, eating, wiping, and wiping.

So here's the quick rundown...no pictures, too tired. LIke 5:00 am too tired. We had Cookie Crisp for b-fast. Got a wii, and we're doing lots of this.

My wii age is way too high to be comfortable.

Tomorrow I do some jump-jacking, push-upping, stair-running, snack-avoiding; life-saving stuff.

And I'll blog.
It's good to be home.

what are you making for dinner? quick, gimme something.


corrie said...

What's for dinner?
You know...the uje.

miss ya

wendy said...

What's uje???? Glad you are home, have missed your blogs. Just throw in some tater tots and serve with applesauce, (it's a well rounded (get it, tater tots) meal.

Beeswax said...

We are going to Weinerschnitzel for husband's birthday. Grossy gross gross.

Shelane said...

i guess my firstborn was right. he is the last kid in this century to not have a wii. oh, well.

dinner, my problem too. i found a great recipe and started putting it together and realized it's supposed to crockpot for 8 hours.

we're having it tomorrow.

then i have this kicking mexicali soup recipe but you have to meatballs and I want to make a ton and freeze them so i don't have to make meatballs everytime, but i don't have enough time right now, so we'll have it another day.

i have lots of good ideas (big juicy hamburgers with the works) but alas, my fridge is bare and i don't want to go to the store, so i think we're having frozen corndogs tonight. sigh.

Shelane said...

oh, oh, you should have some j-dawgs for dinner! except that you can only get them at the little red shack south of byu. sorry. next time you're in utah, though, i'll treat ya.

Yo Mama said...

We had salad. Boring ole' salad. We're dieting. Not really me, but I'm being the supportive healthy-eating sidekick. the uje.

cally said...

Wendy...you know, the uje...short for the usual. I improvised on spelling...dictionary.com wasn't helpful.

I ended up dumping my leftover Sunday crockpot chicken taco conglomorate (I prefer the def. of this word to be the verb "to bring together into a cohering mass" rather than the noun "consolidated gravel) into a pot with chicken broth and various spices of my choice. It turned into Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Pat on the back.
Thank you very much.

Shelane, I'm on a plane. I've heard the j-dawg secret sauce is bumfuzzling delish.

Doman Family said...

Cally I just love you, You know with ALL of those recipes that you have for that fabulouse book you are putting together you should be able to come up with SOMETHING. :)Shounds like you did better than I would have though, you have a lucky family.

Emma said...

yup I missed you to and what can we make for dinner isn't that alwaya the question? Last night me and Gracie had oatmeal and Olivia had a corndog. Yum yum

Anonymous said...

What's for dinner? Geez isn't that the million dollar question 24/7? I have a husband who gets sick of the same old and a 14 year old who is the pickiest EVER. Thank goodness I have a 15 year old who is just happy to have something to eat! I figure as long as half the household is happy I'm doing DaNg good!