better than Christmas.

I cleaned so hard I moved the couches. Do you guys do that every time? Me, not so much.

Little did I know the festival of new discoveries this would unleash or I would've done it long ago.

Not only did the repositioned stinky sectional suddenly gain a whole new respect in its new temporary placement, but we're talking City of Lost Toys people! Better than Christmas, says Andy. And indeed it was. They jumped and squealed and cheered with every new inch of exposed carpet. It was like revealing a goody bag of sweet memories; over and over.

Andy found MarioPinball, his "motht favwitetht lotht thing...evoh!!", and a random green stretchy bracelet that suddenly had special meaning.

Joey found books, cars, the red connect four piece that has been haunting his empty space on the grid, darts, pokemons, and nasty half eaten snack bags galore. They're not allowed to have food in the bonus room; and there it was in its sneaky glory.

I am happy to have found 4 lost hair accessories. A good bleaching of these ouchless babies and I'm back to ponytails. Woohoo!

And finally, the one we're all real thrilled about....
The BurpMaster 2000.

Take it away Kacie.



ShEiLa said...

This project is always a scary one for me... never know what I will find. Never thought of it as better than Christmas though. Ü

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! i have the same sectional!!!

Yo Mama said...

You know you clean too much when you pull the sofa out and there is nothing under there. That's sad. I disappoint my kids daily. Maybe I'll try your method. I need some fans.

cally said...

Oh yo mamma! You've got to let it ferment at least a good six months if you're gonna find anything worth a party!

Sit down. Stop cleaning. Make me some cupcakes.

Natalie said...

Aw, look at Andy's smile! Kids are so easy to please. It is my favorite thing to see kids get all excited over something you wouldn't have expected.

Small House said...

You're brave to pull out the sofa! Love your bags and the flower on the front of it is adorable.
Have a good day.

a wynn wynn situation said...

Yeah for finding the city of the lost toys!! We always find a load of $$ in there and fight over who gets to keep it!

Emily said...

CALLY !!!!!
Remember high school?
Remember your favorite twins?
Remember how much FUN we had together??? I do!
I miss you.
Emily Devaney Replogle
Your site is amazing, although I must say I am not surprised as to the fact that you are amazing. Did I mention that I got to chat with Cherstin today?

wendy said...

No kidding, the treasures that are found when things are moved!! Speaking of treasures - Collin (Matt's boy) told me a joke you can share with your kids --"Why wouldn't the parents let their kids watch the pirate movie"? Because it's rated Arghhhhh. (do the finger pirate pointy thing) HA HA HA HA Enjoy more treasure hunts, or maybe not, that would mean more cleaning.

cally said...

EMILY!! Where are you? How do I find you?

I'm so excited!

mandi said...

i can see the excitement in andy's eyes! cute!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I am ALSO a Scribbit reader, now THAT is a small world! Congrats on your honorable mention, that post was hilarious!

Emma said...

Dear cally you are not alone. I only move my couches about once a month, and I think that is good!!