6th picture 6th folder.

Wonder Woman from the Amayzings tagged me. She's very sweet and she likes Smallville with me. Check out her blog; she's spunky. Her husband trains dogs. Just thought that may be a point of interest.

So here's the 6th picture in my 6th folder.

I didn't take this photo, my brother in law Seth did. With his fancy camera I covet. I did play with the pic in picnik, though. I can't resist.

I'm glad it's this picture, because Andy is so darn cute I can't stand it. He is totally ignoring his devoted coach, Dad, because he's all about the attention in the stands. Andy is the smallest kid on his team, and can hardly throw the ball above his head; but he grins like this the whole time he's playing. Just happy to be on court. The same way he approaches the rest of his cute little life.

Man, I just accidentally learned something. Andy doesn't care about how many shots, blocks, or rebounds he gets. He just plays, and loves it. So here's what's creeping in my brain right now...stop looking at the statistics, Cally. Watch your adorable kid, and forget about the scoreboard. Leave it messy, eat leftovers, let 'em yell. Don't make the whining personal. Grin; just happy to be on court.

Hmm. That deserves a magnet.

Thanks, Andy.
And Wonder Woman.

And Seth, for such great pictures of my boys.


julie said...

ok, you just made my eyes water with the "just happy to be on court" comment. There was a time that I wondered if I was ever going to be on the motherhood "court". So, that was a good reminder that I should focus more on that then on the little stuff they do that might annoy me. Thanks

Wonder Woman said...

You're welcome. =D

great pics. andy is *positively* adorable. awesome lesson. I had a feeling you'd be good at this.

I hate Lana's hair, too. Pretty much everyone I know who watches it does, too. And I found this fun blog that talks about a lot of TV shows.....Smallville's one of them. It's fun. blogthedayaway.com ......I think.

Doman Family said...

How dang cut he he running down the court giving thumbs up. Also great reminder for us moms. Thanks!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Cute. I was excited for Taj to go into soccer last summer--he was a natural at the age of ONE! Well, let's just say that he was...Taj. He just wanted to do what HE wanted to do when he wanted to do it. Not necessarily (although sometimes) what the coach or team wanted. So I dutifully went the whole time, but thought it was basically a bust. Maybe too early.

But guess what? Every time we pass the street where he played soccer, he points it out and asks when he can play again. ? Thanks for the reminder.

wendy said...

Great shots ---Man, I have lived through 4 boys of Jr. Jazz basketball games. Last year at this time we were all helping Matt and Rena with going to Collin's games and I laughed till I cried. He was more interested in standing in the middle of the court comparing wrist and headbands with fellow players and we could not quite get him to understand HE DIDN'T NEED TO GUARD ANYONE WHEN HE WAS ON OFFENSE. I about peed my pants.

Anonymous said...

Now Andy's way is the way to enjoy life! Jake's picture looks very cool, I love it.