giveaway winner.

No kidding. Fancy that. Cassy's my younger sister. And I totally imprint her. She's been sending me howlers because I haven't even made my lovely little sis a bag. Not really. She's been real nice about it. Pointing out that not even blood will get you Calico goodies. Sorry. Babysitting will get you whatever you want. Babysitting is gold.
Congrats, Casiopia. I love you. For real.

This is yours, too. Who better to personify 2008 more than Edward. Or Jacob. Whichever way you roll.

Thank you so much everyone, for all your nice comments. I love visiting your blogs...


wendy said...

Lucky Cassie -----I'd babysit for you if I lived closer. So since I offered , does that get me what I want.

Wonder Woman said...

congrats to cassie. trying not to be bitter =D Love the "I imprint you." Husband and I used to say "I as you wish you" when we were dating and too scared to say I love you. we were teenagers.

Yo Mama said...

I want that ornament. BAD. I'll give you three hours of babysitting. Take it or leave it.

Child Family said...

i'm so excited.
it hurts a little.
there are some tears, i'm not gonna lie.

Danielle said...

Congrats Cassie! I'm sad, I must admit...I love the bags. If I still lived in the good ole Tennessee Valley (and new you besides just in blog world) I would babysit many many hours for exchange of a bag!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Cassy. You deserve it. You sound like a wonderful sis and person. Though I do have some wonderful Cally bags I did have to pay for them....it would have been nice to win one! Thanks again Cally for all your hard work they all turned out awesome!!!