wool dryer balls. And cloth diapers. go green. save the world.

So I found this tutorial on goodmama while researching dryer sheet alternatives.

Wool dryer balls. They're supposed to cut down drying time and fluff your clothes without dryer sheets. To avoid waste and chemicals and stuff.

I might try 'em. Mostly just so I can have a big glass jar of colorful yarn balls in my laundry closet. And to um, rethink-reuse-recycle.

goodmama makes cloth diapers. Cute ones. My sister uses cloth diapers, and has no complaints. Well, as much as we all do about what comes with diapers. But she likes 'em. So if you've been thinking about cloth diapering, talk to Cassy. And goodmama.

I'm totally a disposable kind of girl. I love luvs.


corrie said...

Would those dryer balls cut down on static cling?
They're sure pretty!

cally said...

yeah cor. Supposedly they do what dryer sheets do.

I dunno.

ShEiLa said...

The colorful wool balls are intriguing. If the static cling goes... I could do that.

Glad I am out of the diaper cycle. However, I did use cloth with two of my kids. (completely with the first) I have a friend thinking about doing cloth with her baby that is on the way... so I will pass along the info.


AMBER said...

Huggies all the way I go through way to many diapers for that cloth stuff no thanks. the colour yarn though that might pretty up my laundry room what great ideas I find on your blog luv you

Breaching Chaos said...
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wendy said...

Man I always used cloth diaper (well, maybe with the exception of Trent, but still most of the time) those were the days. Swooshing out the poop in the toilet---bleaching and bleaching, folding and folding and folding.