giveaway winner.

THANK YOU for your generous comments. It's been crazy fun. I've been glued to my dinosaur monitor this week, reading so many fantastic blogs! You are inspiring, funny women; I'm addicted to you. Not good. I can't afford it.

I really do feel gratitude up to here. Tops. Kinda sheepish. But mostly grateful; thank you.

so Andy was really excited to pick this time. He rolled in the pile of names for a while before deciding to pick one. Oh, and don't mind the parka. He's hibernating.

WOO HOO! Dawn is a slurpee lovin', datin' hatin', jimmie johnson crushin', internet junkie. Who hates warm water. And she CRAFTS! I think. It's pretty safe to assume the etsy site she has on her blog title is her shop. Check out Bitsy Whimsy. Cute stuff.

hold on...we're not done...it's a surprise winner of a blue monster, because.

um, really, this girl is for real. woo hoo again! Her comments cracked me up.

Merrianne is one funny snow bunny, with a bug in her pants but not really. I like her.

email me (cally.cruze@gmail) with your monster rump writing requests, ladies, and we'll put these babies in the P.O!

ANd now, for the other suprise winner of the 2003 Honda Odyssey that leaks oil and comes complete with nasty carpet!

No kacie. Turn it around.

darn. I guess we'll never know.

hey, some of you mentioned getting the pattern. WEll, I don't really have one, but I'll see what I can do. Maybe a tutorial. But don't sell 'em because I'd be really bummed if you mada a gagillion bucks and sent your kids to college off the good looks of my little monsta friend. I'm selfish that way. Shucks. I guess one kid to college would be okay.

Oh, so fun. LEt's do it again.


ShEiLa said...

Wow!!! Someone I know... Dawn Congratualtions GiRLfriend. You are one lucky girl. I so wish it was me... but at least you have kids. Too exciting. Way fun 'givey-givey away' miss calLy.

La Memster said...

LOL... U r WAY too cute Cally! I lurv u tons!

{dawn} said...

I am so happy!!!! I fell in love with this little giveaway, and now I can hold em'!!!! Thanks so much! And thanks for the advertising to the shop, checks in the mail :) ~Dawn/bitsywhimsy

PS- must thank Sheila for I blog stalked from her :) *wink*

Natalie said...

Yeah for Merrianne! Good things happy to excessively happy people, it seems. I can't believe I missed out on the car! darn.

Anonymous said...




I will email you RIGHT AWAY!

Dizzy Dizzy Dang!! I am SO HAPPY!!!

and ewww... who told you about my bug-in-the-pants problem!?!?!? i have an ointment for that!

just kidding... i HOPE!

::scratch scratch::

Anonymous said...

and girl... you know i am fixing to add you to my blog roll!

yes ma'am! your blog is awesome!

Becky said...

I got my dress today! It's even more beautiful in person, thank you!

Tiffany and hers said...

Yay for you Merrianne! and also to the other winners!

Hope you don't mind I was checking out your blog!