here's to pictureless posts. durchgedreht.

my camera's in Germany.

like the country.

how the heyday am I supposed to blog while my camera's touring the universe?

Last week, Conan said he's taking his parents to the airport for their trip to NewYork and can Dad borrow the camera?

Wha-huh? Gasp. Uh........who we talkin' about?

Can Dad borrow the camera.

I pondered this. It would only be a week. Be charitable.

Yeah. I guess so.

So I was real excited to be reunited with my little cybershot this weekend so I can clear out all the pictures being born in my brain.

Here's where the sad oboe music starts in the movie. Kay called to make sure Conan was going to pick her up at the airport and mentioned I didn't blog last week. To which I replied...I know, not much, I played with the kids and I didn't have my camera. Tough times. But all that is over, you're coming home.

Oh, ha ha. We chuckled.

Oh no. Laugh no more. She says this, and it still pierces, "Cally, Dad has your camera!"


silence. as I pondered this.

Shane is in Europe. For THREE GINORMOUS WEEKS!


Wha-huh? What? ...He...Who...Conan?!

What? I asked you. Yup, he did.

But the gray hairs are poking through my hair dye and affecting my thought processes again, thus not inviting logical thought.
Borrow the camera in New York, Yes. Borrow the camera for a milliena of foreign fancies, No thanks. I graciously decline to share.

There's nothing I can do, except hope and pray Shane feels an overwhelming inclination to take delicious photos of fabulous French Food and Italian Pastries. And a castle.

Oh, sigh. Enjoy yourself, little cybershot.

happy to help, dad.

bring me chocolate.

guten tag.


Becky said...

Your posts are good enough that you don't need pictures. Plus, you are being charitable and courageous!

La Memster said...

awwww... poor Cally!!! BUt it's ok... u don't need a camera... U rox!

ShEiLa said...

It is a very sad life for a blogger to be without a camera... especially since you have the most darling & mischievous little munchkins. How will you capture their cute little faces after being caught in the act??? Or is there NO act... since Mommy can't blog? Hang in there! With your writing skills you can make it without photos.

Lindsey Rose said...

It is true, your posts are still fun without pictures! Tell El Presidente to get us some chocolate too! My in-laws went to Germany once and brought us the real deal and it is SOOOO good! It would make up for you not having a camera for sure!

Unknown said...

Chris took our camera on a motorcycle trip a few weeks ago and I nearly died. I had the jitters the entire time he was gone.Becasue of the camera.As a blogger you get attached. I hope you survive. I hope I survive. I love the pictures you take!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

S-A-D. I am feeling your angst. I do like the archives, though. :)

wendy said...

OH NO --- that means all of us suffer!! Your are brilliant dear neice and all that -- but no photos????? Sometimes selfishness serves a greater good (well, that's what I tell myself)

Rita said...

You are kind to share and your camera will be home before you know it!

Hang in there...I know the withdrawal will be hard...but this too shall pass! ;)