blast that rabbit.

the Velvet one.

I told Dani she could read until 8:30. So she comes wandering out of her room at 9:00 and just sits down, like, no biggie. Up with the A-dults. jUst hangin'.

Girl, lights were out at 8:30...she says they have been out. she just can't sleep. she's uncomfortable.

The reason why becomes ever so evident as I walk her back to her room.
She's placed every whoppin' stuffed animal ever created on her bed, like a Fair Paraphernelia Party, but without the stank of corndogs, barely leaving a corner for her curled up little body. Wha, huh?!

"Chuckle. chuckle. WEll this is why you can't sleep, hunny. What's going on?"

"What?" says she. "They each need my individual attention. "

"But, uh, don't you think you'll be a much happier sleepin' child if you weren't overtaken by a gagillion stuffed entities? I think they'll be okay. "

"No. Says the Velveteen Rabbit."

ponder ponder. remembering. childhood...crying...wailing...over that blasted rabbit

"Okay. I get it. Let's at least push 'em over then."

"That was a sad book, mom."

"I know."

And there they'll stay.


Lindsey Rose said...

Th innocence of a child! I love it, I am so glad you got a pict too! She is so sweet.

Katy Beth said...

I was the same way growing up. I thought each toy had feelings & would think I didn't love them as much as another. Funny how their little minds work!

ShEiLa said...

what is it with kids & stuffed animals? They all love them.
There are only a few on the bed mom... Ü

Yo Mama said...

Conan LOVED that story. I can see where she gets the melodramatic longing for stuffed animal attention. She's so cute.

Wonder Woman said...

What a sweetheart.

Mia said...

Well ya know if she curls up just so...

Anonymous said...

that looks SO MUCH like may daughter's bed!!! she does the SAME thing :)

April said...

She is so cute. Here's to being young and worried about stuffed animals. Have her give them an extra kiss of love for all the adults that forgot how important that is.