and fun was had by all...

My sister-in-law Katie is in town. And where Katie is, there's a party. She organized a fun Saturday for us this past weekend, with food, water, and a triathalon. That's right. Running. Biking. And basketball. I didn't get any pictures of the stampede of athleticism, because I was practicing my hook shot. Let's just say, Shane schooled us all lookin' all snazzy in his bike gear. No one had a chance.

Before the adult festivities, the kids had what started out as a little water gun fight. Here they are filling up their guns. Sweet, innocent, and safe.

Um...until Uncle Scott decided to dump the bucket on their heads.
They scattered, like roaches. Like screaming roaches.
Josh and Lydia weren't happy.

The hoses came out, and chaos followed. No one was safe.

Then there were races for the kids, once they figured out how to line up. They raced in their pajamas because their clothes were wet. It's a new tradition. Pajama Races.

Joey didn't quite understand the concept of running to the finish line. He, um, went a little nuts.

That night we put the kids to bed, and I was introduced to Guitar Hero. A little Guns n' Roses is good for the soul. Again, no pictures, I was rockin'.

I wanna rock and roll all night. And party every day.

Thanks, Katie. Don't go home.


Wonder Woman said...

This looks likes SO much fun!! The blonde with the bright blue eyes is too cute. And Joey running around like a crazy person is HILARIOUS! I was cracking up!!!

Guitar Hero, guns n' roses.... nice me meet someone else who isn't afraid of a little "teenager" time. =D (Thoough I perfer Rock Band.)

a wynn wynn situation said...

What a blast! I need a Katie here are my house to shake things up a bit :)

Unknown said...

Don't tell Conan, but I think you have a male dancer on your hands.

And don't tell the other kids but I think Joey might be my favorite :)

How much fun.

We had family guitar hero at our reunion....who knew that I can play the drums and guitar better than I can sing?

What a blast.

My favorite part of the post was listening to you laugh!

Natalie said...

he's the cutest little thing i've ever seen! the kid's got soul.

The Coatney's said...

Oh my gosh! Great pictures. I'm in love with the one of Wyatt. He's such a little doll. You really take amazing pictures, maybe you should ALSO be a professional photographer in all your spare time

wendy said...

Does Joey need some retalin???(sp) What a crazy kid. So funny to watch.