The Sandberg Sisters.

I moved a lot. I made friends, and left them. And I'm not good at keeping touch. Some friends I love and miss, some friends were cool but no big deal, and then there are friends you know will be forever.

The Sandberg sisters.

I moved to Ohio an angry teenager. I came from a cool Canadian high school, who had different ideas of fashion and other important adolescent social behaviors. I made some friends that didn't really fit, then realized I wanted to be friends with Cherstin, the girl from church.

BFF about covers it. She and her sister Natalie made Ohio home. They were the friends that would check for boogers. The kind you could discuss your period with. You know the kind. They made me comfortable with me. No masks, no stories. I could be totally me. And they still loved me.

Cherstin took care of me. She validated me any way she could. We shared clothes and secrets, and protected eachother. She loved music as much as me. We'd all sit at the piano and just sing. But mostly do nothing. We loved doing nothing. In her green bug.

Natalie was (and is) stronger than snot. She wouldn't ever hestiate about her opinions or preferences. She asked guys out. She made the first move. She got what she wanted. The girl had guts. I was always inspired by her gumption and confidence.

They had boyfriends. I didn't. So I just hung out with them on their dates, and if I wasn't invited I'd just wait for them to come home. One time I was actually asked out on a date, and when we got back to my house Cherstin was on my couch watching Newsies. Waiting for me to come home. I loved it, but the guy was mad. He said, "I can't date you cause I'd have to date Cherstin, too." Didn't hurt my feelings much. I was glad she was there.

I don't have many pictures...how sad.

I have at least a good 20 million perdiddles saved on the roof of that bug.

Thank you gorgeous mommas, for saving me.
I want us to hang out in a cool cabin and drink lots of hot chocolate, and go for walks, and talk about how totally mature we were, and just do nothing.

And go to the mall to try on snazzy dresses.

I love you.


Unknown said...

So, when do I get to meet these people. I think that Natalie and I would be PERFECT friends. What do you think? We may just hate each other if our opinions are different...but if they are the same, WATCH OUT WORLD!

ShEiLa said...

I love these kinds of friends and I am so glad they be-friended you when you were the new girl in town.

Natalie said...

Cherstin and I are reading this together and getting all teary eyed! First of all, the pictures are so much fun and proof that we did share clothes (although I didn't as freely as Cherstin! sorry sis) And Cherstin has already made plans when her hubby returns to get away for a weekend so lets do it!!! We want to do that stuff too- including the snazzy dresses!
Thanks Cally...it really meant a lot to both of us.

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

So nice! Friends like this are priceless.