my momma be good timer

My mother-in-law used to set the oven timer for every 30 minutes, and when it would go off, she'd pray. She had 6 little kids. Incredibly good lookin' twins (the younger the most attractive, btw), a VERY difficult boy who wouldn't share his twizzlers, an extroverted jungle girl, a cute foot massager named Fleshy, and a fuzz lovin' baby boy with food allergies.

So she prayed every 30 minutes.

I got myself a timer. It's on my fridge, where most of the chaos takes place, but I can take it with me if I want. On a quiet day, I let it sit on my fridge and just partake of the stillness. But on a regular work day it's scheduled for every 50 minutes.

When I hear it's bell, I pray, whatever I'm doing, however mad or tired I am. I thank Him for my children; I ask for patience & humility; and invite Him again to be my companion in that moment. And other stuff.

Sometimes, instead of praying, I take a minute to tell a child something wonderful I've noticed about them, or just to reconfirm how much I love them. I can see a difference in their behavior and in their treatment towards one another when I do this; and definitely a difference in my own behavior and attitude. Tantrums seem more tolerable. Messes more managable. My job enjoyable.

These frequent petitions remodel my view, and sharpen my focus. A brief snap back to understanding who my children are, and what I am to them. They have become an acute reminder of where my mind should be. Frustration and exhaustion lift.

And I can see. Clearly. For a moment.

Then of course the distractions come. I wanna's and I don't wanna's get the attention. Fear sneaks some control. And I forget a little.

Until the bell rings again.


Natalie said...

That is fabulous...I'm totally gonna do that too. Thanks for the inspiration (and thanks to your mom-in-law too.)
btw, check out my blog. I awarded you!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh! What a great idea! I always get so caught up in the craziness. I'm buying a timer TODAY!!!

ShEiLa said...

This is a wonderful idea. I love that you practice this for yourself and your children. I need to get me a timer.

Unknown said...

I noticed that retro looking timer the other night and just thought it was some plain old kitchen gadget...I didn't realize that it was some kind of keyport to heaven. You are going all Harry Potter on me.

You and Kay are great examples to the rest of us who get complacent and call our breakfast prayer our morning prayer :) Thanks for the great reminder.

Becky said...

What a wonderful idea.

Katy Beth said...

Amazing! Love it!

Cherstin said...

how come nobody has come up with this before? It's a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm setting my timer right now:)

Lyndsay Almeida said...

I LOVE this!!

Rita said...

What a perfectly wonderful idea -- and an easy reminder to make time for prayer throughout the day. Thanks for sharing this Cally -- there you go inspiring people again! ;)

wendy said...

We should all take time every 30 - 50 - minutes to reflect on "what am I doing, what should I be doing, how can I do it better -------HELP!!-----that sorta thing. love ya

Mia said...

There are so many times that I would have said or done something better if I had just had a prayer in my heart. I love this idea, so beautiful. Thanks Cally!

Wonder Woman said...

I know this is old, but I was re-reading your mommy stuff.

This is positively one of the best ideas I've heard all week. (Yes, I know, GC was this weekend, but I was naughty and didn't pay very much attention.)

I'm gonna get a timer, too. I'd use my oven timer, but it beeps till you turn it off, and is really annoying.

I think you're totally awesome.