relax. breathe. take a picture. find the culprit.

"Uh...what? Where's your counterpart?!"

I found him in my closet, hiding behind my deodorant.

There are 50 million creams and pastes squeegied ALL OVER my bathroom. He has learned harsh pronunciation of the phrase "Big Trouble" today.

You don't get a picture of the mess because I'm still mad at it.

I'm not sure how many scrubs Kacie ingested this morning, but there are a lot of empty bottles with no sign of their contents.



Elizabeth said...

I love it! There is a good reason we don't have any vaseline at our house. It doesn't come out of little girl clothes once it's rubbed in. EVER. I finally just threw most of it away. It DOES come out of little girl hair, however. After about a million washes. Maybe it just grew out, who knows? She looked slick at church that day. =)

Unknown said...

So, were you sewing or blogging when all this ensued.

I am cracking up. Love the photo. See blogging is so good for moms...It allows a mom a chance to laugh and breathe.

It's too bad that there is always clean up when you are done :)

And I am with Elizabeth on the Vaseline...we've had that scenario before too.

ShEiLa said...

don't you just love these moments when you could strangle them but can't... my Mother used to say. You can't kill them sheila... just breathe deep.

Yo Mama said...

Just last night we found that Calvin has snuck out of bed and squeezed the entire tube of toothpaste out all over the bathroom. We should have gotten a clue when he wandered downstairs with minty breath, but we're a little slow on the uptake sometiimes.

Katy Beth said...

I think you should know, you keep me entertained on my lunch breaks at work...& at home when Livvy's napping.

I would say I look forward to when mine do this...but I'll have to think about it a little & get back to you. But the pic is totally adorable!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, this brings back memories of when my kids wered little. one time they "painted" the entire (white)kitchen with ketchup. one of my most treasured memories.