i'm in love with fudgie wudgie

So I'm at Sam's Club the other day. It was a desperate trip with all five in the cart, under the cart, hanging on the cart, chasing the cart, eating the cart. I will say something fabulous about Sam's...all their carts are those double seaters now. Suh-weet!! I don't have to drive around the parking lot for 10 minutes and end up in the boonies just to park next to the cart return with the twosie.

Oh, major sidetrack. My apologies.

So I'm at Sam's Club the other day. The trip was going well. As I'm contemplating the stores unfortunate shortage of samples, I turn the corner. What's this? A fancy schmancy confectionary display I have not seen on this corner before. As I steer my cart of squealin' maniacs in front of this enormous eye candy sample stand, I see the words Fudgie Wudgie. And a million golden boxes of deliciousness guarded by an adolescent sample giver.

We partook.

Suddenly everyone in the meat section was moving in slow motion with their hair blowing romantically in the pretend wind. Birds began to chirp sweet songs of amore, from somewhere. So this is love.

Jake decided to spend the $10 he earned pulling weeds (10 cents a weed. Yeah, so what. We got a lotta weeds) to buy his siblings a box of the Orange Creamsicle. I decided to buy Conan a box of the Praline Penuche for our anniversary, pretending to forget he doesn't like fudge.

My shiny box of culinary sin has a special place in my fridge, where I greet it ocassionally with a small fork and tall glass of milk. I want to make the affair last. Hold on, to what we've got. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We've got eachother, and that's all right for love. We'll give it a shot. Whoa....we're half way there. Whoa....livin' on a prayer. Um...I do that sometimes. Bon Jovi has nothing to do with my Fudgie Wudgie, but it's a good song.

Moving on.

The Fudgie Wudgie stand was only there for the weekend. A teaser. The sample boy said Hershey voted them the best fudge. Of...all, I guess. And they're based in Philadelphia. And it's not a chain.

BUT...You can order some here. If you want.

I want.


Cherstin said...

YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!! I don't know why I like this post so much. Prolly because I can relate to the whole thing. From the kid circus to the love affair with chocolate. This post made me laugh and even tear up a bit. And then give me a deep wanting for the fudge. I was thinking to bad i can't get some and then..... WOW! You fixed that part for me as well!!!! Is there no end to your wit and kindness! You created so many emotions in just on minute that I never knew was possible. Thanks for that! It was fun! Lets do it again sometime:)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Why don't I just comment on every post here????
You are funnier than me and I'm not coping well with it! Fudgie Wudgie...I gotta get some! I live in the absolute boon docks but the craziest thing...there is a Sam's not 5 miles from me :)
oh,oh...half way theeerrre oh,oh livin' on a prayer!