to the zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday. My ignorant ambition paid off; we had a really good time.

The only chaotic moment was when Andy decided to hide from me in the giant elephant box and I looked like a crazy lunatic yelling his name while the kids sat around eating cheez-itz.

Oh, and when Joey booked it down the cheetah stairs heading straight into the wild bamboo; and when I had to drag him by the ankles from under the fence while he's screaming "Funny Crane. Funny Crane!"; and when he tried to drink the eco-pond in Butterfly Garden.

Uh, and when Kacie performed her signature overly-dramatic I'm-gonna-die scream for the monkey watchers when I wouldn't give her the dirt covered water bottle, and everyone suddenly lost interest in the dancing gorilla to watch me abuse my child. "She's okay." I said politely. "Watch the dang primate." I said...politely. Very, very quietly.

I wish I had a peanut for every time someone asked "Are all those kids yours?" Then Joey could've at least had a handful of edibles to throw at the camels.

"Don't throw stuff at the camels, Joey!"
"Because it's rude."
"Because it hurts."
"Because you need to go play in the gopher tube. And I need a slushy."

I love a good slushy.

Oh, it's totally worth it just to hear Andy laughing at the naked gorilla scratching his behind; and to discuss gender roles and humility with Dani when she gets an overdose of girl power because the female lions are the ones to hunt & the boys stay home.

It's worth the tear in my eye every time Jakey hugs my leg & says thank you for such a fun day; he won't want to come to the zoo with me forever.

They'll all grow out of it, someday.

So we had fun, yesterday.


Mandy Stewart said...

I love to read your blog. It makes me Literally Laugh out Loud! Did I mention I am sooo glad to have the Taylor girls back in my life.... Tell Cassy to check her e-mail dang it! I am dying to catch up! (I mean does canada not have the internt or something?) :-)

Oh I wanted to find out where your mom lives, cuz i have a si-in-law who just moved to Calgary!

Unknown said...

Love the photos Cally. They make me ALMOST want to brave the zoo....almost.

wendy said...

Your every day life sounds like a Zoo Cally (tee,hee) so that trip should have been a breeze for ya (double tee,hee) Good memories can't be replaced - sticky kisses and hugs around the leg can't be replaced either so ENJOY.

Mia said...

Brave brave Mama!! So worth it when the kids have a good time. Love the pictures.

AMBER said...

You so crack me up. I love looking at your blog it is such a good time. What fun and with all your kids you are a brave lady. chow babe!!

ShEiLa said...

i love going to the zoo.
i love photo #2 (from the top of this post) the butterfly is beautiful!

Natalie said...

I love the zoo! We had a season pass our first year in the ATL, but never can afford to go after that ran out! I gotta save up cuz those are good memories. Tennessee was good to us. That lake is enormous! Ga and Tn are very similar. It was fun to think our lives aren't too different! Next time I won't get outta there without seeing you, I promise! xoxo nat

D-lyn said...

They sure make our lives interesting.
I think the moments they appreciate us are priceless! Just wish that happened more often!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I LOVE this post. Because this is exactly what being a mom means. Good work, faithful soldier. Carry on.

Katy Beth said...

Gotta love it! Laughed way too hard