such is life.

It started out as such a promising day.

I made a to-do list of only 5 items. Short list, should get 'em done quick. I'm trying to be more realistic with my lists. We'll see if it works for me. I'm not hopeful...

We made a double batch of muffins for breakfast, so we could freeze some, you know, to be real productive and prepared...not on the list. Made a mess. Not on the list. But expected. Spent 40 minutes of the hour long muffin making marathon using new time out tactics. Not so effective. And not on the list.

So I sent the kids upstairs and vaccumed. On the list. Yahoo!! Only 4 to go.

While vaccuming I thought much about how I really don't appreciate my tile floor. It needs a good washing. Or chiseling. Not on my list. But necessary.

So I got to use the new mop my mom bought me. And spent way too much time contemplating the proper way to mop. It appears I'm ignorant. I've always used swiffers...the kind where they put this black magic dye in the wipes so the more you mop with it the blacker they get, thus making you think you're floor is totally dirty and you better do it again, and buy more swiffer wipes. Or...my floor is just gag me with a spoon dirty. Um...

So I mopped. And just flung the strips of absorbent cotton over my floor, feeling very unsatisfied that they were accomplishing much more than a nice swan lake. So I did it again. On my hand and knees.

Again. Not on the stinkin' list.

I came up to the computer to put in my receipts and order some more lesson books for piano, kill 2 to-do's with one rock...stone...But checked my email first. Don't you love it when an old friend finds you through this wonderful world of web? Another post. I love the Sandbergs.

And two hours later I had read two awesome blogs. And had crossed off 3 of the 5. Awesome.

By this time the kids wanted lunch so I made pb&j, and they ate all the muffins. None left to freeze. Counterproductive.

Then they wanted to play in the sprinkler. Cool. I can finish Corrie's owls while they play. Joey wanted to try out those time-out tricks again...to see if he could beat 'em. I'm proud to say, an hour later, he did not. I won his game fair and square.

I debated good and hard about the importance of a swim diaper. Considering the fiasco with the last exploding diaper, I opted to put him in his swimsuit...naked. No protection from the "elements". He had already done his duty, twice, today, so I should be safe. Silly. Silly. Mommy.

I finished the owls and felt real good. Swept up all the muffin crumbs and wet grass off the vaccumed and mopped floor, considered painting with the kids, and smelled something.

JOey was standing in a yellow puddle of stinky, wet, diarrhea. Not on the list.

I threw away his swimsuit, scrubbed the tub, threw up a bit, made Jake play Nintendo so they'd all watch (I said no tv today. Dumb.), and mopped. With toxic chemicals.

So here's the lesson learned from a way long post...Don't double your batch. Learn to mop. Don't underestimate the power of moving bowels. And find strength in the battles you win.

Time for dinner. Number 5. No list of mine is going to kick my butt. I mean bum.

Thank you.


Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

I love this. Not that you had to clean up diarrhea off a freshly mopped floor...but I love the list.

I keep my lists up until they are done. Sometimes it takes a month, and I keep adding to it along the way. Though sometimes I add things I already did just so I have something to cross off. Makes me feel like I got something done, especially since the visible proof of cleaning only lasts .5 seconds.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

An old friend of mine used to call it "making worms." Instead of going around completing "circles" and marking stuff off her list, she would do a little of this, a little of that...creating little "half circles" or, as she called them, worms.

I made lots of worms today.

But, none of my worms (or circles for that matter) were NEARLY as cute as those two owls. And you baked. And you mopped. Worms or not, you really accomplished something today!

Natalie said...

Awww...I already made your blog. Go Sandbergs! I'm so excited to have found you. We can be BFFs now!

ShEiLa said...

I felt exhausted just reading your post. So sorry that following your list went so well. My advice... chuck the list in the can and you may be further ahead.
toodles, Sheila