me time...wha, huh?

My mother-in-law brought this over to me the other day. I felt a little light-headed and started to hyperventilate a bit, then I could chuckle about it.

I hung it on the fridge; with all the other stuff I pretend to remember.

Dani was eating breakfast and says, "Hey mom. Is this your new schedule? I like it."

"Uh, no dear. It's a joke."

"I think you should take it seriously. You need some Me Time. "

"Dani, that lady is horribly uncomfortably stuffed into a sliver of time just enough to take a potty break."

"Works for me," she says.

No fair.


ShEiLa said...

they say the truth hurts...
there is so much truth here about the life of a Mother... it is making my head pound & I am an empty nester... guess I haven't forgotten and I consider that a blessing. Now I can help other women who are bogged down with not enough 'me' time... and see that they get it. This Saturday I am off to give Jennifer a break... she will get a pedicure and a hair-do & I will snuggle with Maddy.

Unknown said...

Oh Cally....they missed something in that piegraph...the essential blogging time!

Mia said...

I agree that we all need me time. It is hard to think about us when we are thinking about everyone else too. You will have to let us know if you did something fun for yourself ;)

Cherstin said...

i don't even think i have potty breaks. Most of the time i have little ones following me in. I am sooo ready for a "ME" weekend! what do you say? Are you up for it?

cally said...

You name the place, Cherstin, and I'm pretend there.

My NY trip counted as my ME time for a good long while.

Hey, let's actually shower and put makeup on - in the MORNING - by ourselves - and then eat three meals that day, with dessert. Sounds heavenly.

AMBER said...

Me time I am learning to take this with great encouragement from my husband. Ever since that talk in General Confrence about that very thing mothers taking time for themselves. What a good hubby I have so I took some me time yesterday and went for a massage HEAVENLY!!!