whadya get?

Let's get in each others Mothers dAy business...and focus on the selfishly materialistic part of the days celebrations...what did you get? Or your best part of the day? Most importantly, how much sleep did you get?

I got lots. aNd lots. Good Times. I've missed my old friend, sleep.

I also got a free meal from the Cruze Cafe, some coupons, cards, a clean kitchen, and a generous donation to the Cally-wants-to-go-to-NewYork fund. Thanks hubby.

If any of you know of really cheap fares to NYC, you are perfectly welcome to get in my business on that accord.


ShEiLa said...

My 'spoiled rotten mamma' post says it all. It all happened the day before actual Mother's Day...but does it really matter when it is? I don't think so. I had a great Mother's Day, even if I was suffering from sinus crap. I could have had more sleep, and I did make the best omelette that my husband has ever had. (I know he should have made it right? But I wanted to.) Eggs, onion, mushrooms, pepperjack cheese...
mmmmmmm good! toodles, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Well the day before mothers day Sariah got Baptized in Regina so for mothers day I got thee treat of driving in the car for 10 hours with 2 screaming babies and a four yr olds are we there yet. However when I got home I got a lovely book mark from Cassie and a picture frame from Sariah and an athome spa treatment kit anda nice hot bath with candles so it all was AWESOME!!CHOW BABE


Unknown said...

I am awaiting my surprise in the mail...to be posted about...I have been told it is going to be really good!