hey kids, this is what I did today...

I tried to find Rachel Ray, to give her my smoothie recipe, Jake. But I couldn't find her. So Food Network invited me to take some pictures by their sign, instead. Well, I, uh, invited myself, to take a picture...

Your cutie cousin Jaden, and uncle JD.

There were weird dancers dancing with cupcakes across from Magnolia Bakery.
We decided not to wait in the humongo line, and went for some rice pudding instead.

We sat in a park and ate our rice pudding.
Mmm. Chocolate Hazelnut. So yummy

I got excited about the Scholastic Book Headquarters...
and they had a store. So I shopped.

And look who I ran into. An international celebrity.

I love you.
And I miss daddy, a lot.


ShEiLa said...

I'm loving your NYC photos. It's like watching the TRAVEL network.
Love the bag on your arm. Keep havin' fun!
toodles, Sheila

mer said...

what fun. you're doing so much more than we got around to. Toddlers really do slow things down a bit.

wendy said...

OH WOW, OH WOW, all that yummy food and shopping. And hanging out with your sister and bro - and shopping, and NO kids, and eating and having fun and eating-------- happy for ya

Unknown said...

fun fun...didn't realize you were going so soon..I have checked out of the blogging world for about a week..you are probably home by now.

thanks for making me "I wanna". It's my dream to go to NYC someday.

I hope you enjoyed it for all of us. I think it is safe to say that if you are sleeping on a subway, it is a good sign that you are having A LOT of fun. So happy for you. You deserve it.