easy crafty tee

First, here's another little welcome home gift from the kids...

So nice.

Okay. This is totally easy guys. I wanted a comfy tee, with something really simple. So I bought a $3 Hanes at WalMart, got out my acrylics and textile medium, and sketched out some ideas; a tree, one little heart, a star, etc...but my kids made the cut. Unfortuneately, it shrunk a bunch when I washed it, so it's kinda unwearable now.

Textile Medium is right there with the paints...you just mix a little with your acrylic paint, and get creative. It looks better after it's washed. Easy. I love it.


ShEiLa said...

At least your kids go all out with the welcoome home stuff. They just want to make sure that you know you were missed.
love the artwork.
toodles, Sheila

mer said...

the shirt is adorable. you should offer these on your site as well which you just customize to the size of family.