amish friendship bread

I got a starter last week. I thought...mmmm....took it home, found it a safe place (hard to find in this house) on the kitchen counter, and read the directions. You forget. Squeeze for 20 million days. Leave it alone. Squeeze it again. Don't use wood spoon....add something...squeezeI just want to eat it. So it got squoze (huh?), squozen (uh...), squeezed by Joey hands 50 thousand times too many, air got in the bag just as many times with little smears of starter juice on the fridge and floor, I didn't bake it until the 12th day, not the 10th, and I used a metal bowl and mixer. And I cooked it in a bundt pan. It's a cake, not a bread.

So delicious. Victory for me. Cruze style...follow the rules that you can, pretend you forgot the rest.

Find the recipe here. Or a chocolate recipe here.

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ShEiLa said...

It must be the time of year for Amish bread starter to be floating all around the country. My sister was given some a few weeks ago and one of her boys sqoze it so much the bad broke open and that was the end of that...until the lady that gave it to her found out and gave her another start... I hope it survives this time into something delicous. Yours sure looks good! toodles, Sheila