happy birthday, kacie

It was Kacie's birthday this week. As tradition holds, we sang and ate cake. She doesn't know what presents are all about, so I bought her some clothes and hung them in her closet.

Kacie is so darn adorable. I just want to scrunch her all the time. I'm really going to miss this baby face. A mommy's gotta let go, and let them grow. And go to the bathroom by themselves. And sleep in.
The cake was a disaster, as you will see in the video. That's why my kids get birthday donuts. Krispy Kreme to the rescue. The icing turned to stone as soon as I started spreading it, and, blah blah, the burnt cake started to, blah blah excuses, to crumble, so I stopped spreading it, and we ate it out of the pan with our forks. Good times.



amber said...

How cute is that . You rock my friend. You have beautiful children all of the and that little kacie she sure looks like her mama.

The shafers have moved said...

Classic. i wish that my kids could have come to that. Eating cake from the container is something the Shafers know a little about. Nicely done.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Are you sure that she is your last baby..I'm not so convinced.

mer said...

happy birthday kacie! you have such a magical family.

The Jensen Family said...

Your kids are adorable!! You look like you haven't changed a bit!! I found your blog off of Corrie's. It's fun to be in touch again!!