oh sweet...aloneness

miracle of miracles...i slept 8 hours last night...whoa whoa, wha? You heard me. I woke up in a panic...something's wrong...it's the end of the world...i...feel...rested.

Now as if that's not enough to rock the universe...i showered, in the morning...alone. All by my sweet self. I even shaved my legs.

It doesn't end there, oh no. Follow me here...I put on makeup, alone, and actually concentrated on where the eyeliner went. I did my hair, alone, kind of. I was afraid to turn on the blow-dryer in fear of ending the aloneness bliss.

I prayed alone, and read...alone. Thankyou.

Okay, here is where I must ask you to contain your squeals of amazement and jealousy. I...ate...breakfast...in the morning...alone. I made myself some imported Sonny Boy Cereal (it will save your life) with berries, yeah, i said berries, and sat at my kitchen table, alone. And i thought, thoughts.

Now, I sit and type, alone. And wait anxiously for them to wake up.


The Coatney's said...

bliss, sheer bliss. I woke up to the usual "get me out of my crib" screech. I should be thankful, maybe I wouldn't have woke up otherwise.

I'm so happy for you Cally. Hope this is a new trend at your house!

Lori said...

What time did you wake up that afforded you all that alone time?? It sounds so peaceful and nice, but I think (know 100% for sure) that I would have just kept sleeping until someone made me wake up.

Anonymous said...

SO I am guessing you went to sleep at 9pm and were up at 5 right???LOL
OH the life of quiet by myself stuff what a dream!!