movie game

okay, i don't wanna wait till Monday. I'm allowed to change the rules. I'm changing the winner rules, again, too. It's just going to be the first person to get it right, none of this mumbo jumbo two winner stuff. keep it simple, eh?

adamzes was totally right.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Here's a clip of the scene if you don't believe me. Fast forward it to around 3:45.

Hey, check out adamzes blog, Serendipitous Sagacity, good stuff. I especially liked this Kellie Coffey video she posted. I Would Die for That. Gratitude, about covers it.

okay, here's your prize adamzes!

Email me with your address and i will send an owl.

thanks for playing. i've got a good movie in mind for the next one. I may just stump ya. maybe.


Shannon said...

Yay! I honestly didn't care how you chose the winner, it's your game, and you were being very diplomatic. But I'm excited for the owl, very cute. I sent you an email. Do you care if I add you to my blogroll?

P.S. Thanks for the little plug about my blog!

Unknown said...

Shannon..this is not an owl....it's Harry Potter...look closer....or were you just calling it an owl because it would come in the mail?...yeah, that was what you were doing...ok, i'm the idiot...either way Zander is going to love it..

Cally, this prize turned out so cute...can you just make all your trivia from HP and keep passing these out as prizes?

If not, Shannon, I think that you better REALLY appreciate me introducing you to the domestic goddess! Golly Cally...you are just amazing.