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while i was rehearsing my american idol interview in the mirror this morning, while drying my hair, i realized how seriously horrible it would be to have that kind of attention. here's why...all those people you hope you never see again, because they know how much of an incredible dork you were, and the stupid idiotic things you've done in your previous life, and they will bring those moments back to haunt you, for publicity's sake. I immediately thought of the 50 million times my messed up words have painted a horrible picture of me, and how sad i was that some people have wrong ideas, or labels for me that were not intended. you know, when you try to compliment, or over explain something and it becomes all misconstrued and they get offended, or you use the wrong word, and now they think you're a snob, or an idiot.

sometimes i'd like to find all those people, and apologize for my mis-interpreted rudeness. but that's dumb. let it be, right?

so next time i don't appreciate a comment made because of the inflection in their voice, or the look, or the opinion, i'm going to remember this. i wish my words or actions would truly reflect how i felt, or the best of my intentions. truth is, they don't. so, i just hope that others can give me the benefit of the doubt. and i can have the humility to admit when it's not a misrepresentation, and really just a stupid mistake.

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Unknown said...

just like brooke white sang...let it be...let it be...I bet I have to let it be more than you do?

Yeah, I was applebee's for lunch and the big harley driving guy next to me said to his friends, "My man screwed up on his words last night! I was so disappointed. I hope he comes back strong next week." I wish I could have recorded the conversation and e-mailed it to David Archuleta.

I definitely don't need attention like that, I can't even handle the little I get now! :)