i did it...

i'm entered. everyone waited until today to submit their photos. i don't stand a chance. it's okay. such an expensive machine would just get broken in my house anyways.

These are the two I think may win:

amy's market bucket bag

reusable grocery bag

oh well. it was fun. thanks for all your decision making help...and encouragement. i love it. i entered the pink one, by the way.

now we wait, and see who the heck i get to hate, i mean envy.

UPDATE: I originally posted a picture of the matching clutch, separate from the bag, and I got an email asking me to only submit one bag. So I took off the picture of the clutch, but didn't see the email til the morning after the contest closed. So, no cool clutch. Darn.

They post the winner the week of March 10.


The Coatney's said...

When do you find out the results? You never know, your bag was scruptious!

mer said...

bummer about the clutch. what page is your photo on? I LOVED how you bag turned out no matter what and now you have a base for what you might want to have your etsy site be about.

Unknown said...

totally like yours way better than that bucket!