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Jen Borup said...

Oh how I have missed you! This is Jen Borup, you know think way back to Ricks. I have been looking for you for years. I can't believe I found you. I hope this is where I am suppossed to write. I am not a blogger but Heather told me I would find you here. Send me an email so we can catch up. jenborup@gmail.com Love you, Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally! I am soooo not a blogger but happened upon yours while looking for ruffle baby legs. Bless you. You are the kind of mom we all should be, wish to be, dream to be. What a way with words. Pure artist you are! You have touched my heart.


Jessie said...

I came upon you blog while looking for headband ideas. I LOVE your blog and read it all the time!
I am not a blogger but love reading them. This is one of my fave blogs of all time! (besides my moms :)