amy butler sew inspiring contest

So...I got an email informing me of this contest. Bad. I really want to win. You just have to create a bag that is "inspired" by Amy Butler...i love...and so I took a look at the flickr page with all the submissions. Hmm...I thought...I could do that. I am totally in love with Amy Butler, I am inspired, I've made a bag or two...And then I took a second look at the grand prize.

WHOA WHOA WHOA wait a minute. Now I have to do this. Hello, $2000 sewing machine!!! AND...a beautifully decent stash of her
fabric, which is like $10 a yard...hello.

It is a horrible fate...do I enter and face the dissapointment of losing, or not enter at all. Lame. So I made a bag. I like it, but I'm not sure it's grand prize material. They are not very clear on what Amy Butler herself will be judging on...so I'm shootin' from the holster here. Ummm...hip maybe.

So take a look at the pics, tell me honestly if I need to go a different direction...this is serious guys. I will never again have an opportunity to own a hello, $2000 sewing machine. This is my chance. I am very nervous. The deadline is not until the 29th, so I can make another one if I have to.
Help me.

So, which pictures do I post on the flickr page, do I even use this bag, do I panic, do I take better pictures...I've got to let go.

There is some sweet competition. Overwhelmingly talented people out there. I'm in over my head.

Hello, $2000 sewing machine.


The Coatney's said...

your a shoe in. I love it, very Amy Butleresq. I think you have a real shot. Seriously, you're amazing. Good luck. I hope you win the hello sewing machine. May the force be with you my wierdo brother in law would say.

Unknown said...

If I thought my opinion would help, I'd offer it, but you know how I am style challenged.

I have faith that you will win though, and when you do get your $2000 machine can you teach me how to use my $65 machine...i can't get the setting right and my stitches are always loopy on one side.

(And, this is the 2nd time I typed this..the first one got erased! - my voice must be heard)

Lori said...

Cally, it is, it is, it is SO beautiful. And. Yes, very much Amy Butlery in style, I would say. The red thrown in there is a nice ABish non-matchy fabric combo. Also the ruffles. Perfect. And the details? Forget about it. You own the details. But! you do need better pictures. Wait for a very sunny day and take them in the sunniest room in the house. I like all your angles and stuff though. I think the second one from top is the better of the two full shots (sitting up, not laying down).

mer said...

I LOVE the wallet/clutch. The bag is darling too...my only thoughts...if you want to go really Amy...I think a tade more modern on the shape? The interior is to die for though so I like the idea of having those shots included. If you want to come over and look at my Midwest Modern book for more "Amyish" ideas feel free. LOVE IT!

Yo Mama said...

I love it! you are so talented. I would go with Merilee on this one. colors, patterns, clutch AWESOME! Shape, yes a little different might be a better choice. However, who needs to win the contest?! Take that purse and sell it on your own. I've been saying it for years - - - all we need is to market you and then we will be millionaires! You are amazing.